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Slice of Mango is complete! · 6:19pm Jul 10th, 2019

I would drag it out longer but it was always my plan to have it be brief, so i wouldn't have a chance to ruin the innocence and love of the story or to bite off more than I can chew. In a week I will probably merge the 2 chapters together. but I'm glad i finished this out. I know nothing about elementary school or the education system.

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Slicier! · 2:57pm Jun 17th, 2019

I'm still working on the next chapter of Slice of Mango. In my head the story will not be more than 10 chapters at the most. it's only meant to show the first day of school and Sugarplum's happy life. when it's finished I'm going to be merging it all into one chapter however.

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Drop! · 11:26pm May 24th, 2019

The first chapter has been dropped! I don't intend to make this more than 5 chapters max however. but enjoy my adventure in slice of life!

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Slice of Mangoes · 12:41am May 16th, 2019

The story is coming along well so far, I'm still writing it. I hope I show the sweetness and purity i want to show with the story.

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New Story coming soon! · 2:21am May 8th, 2019

I decided to start a new story, I'm not sure where Desert Sands will go. I lost the idea. I'm going to try my hoof at a slice of life story. Featuring cuteness and batponies.

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Dear Followers, · 3:38am Aug 6th, 2018

To Whom it May Concern,

Y'all are groovy and enigmatic. I'm rather tired. And it's cool as heck how many names I recognize as great people on my followers page. Even if I have no clue why you all follow me.

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Price · 12:30am Jul 1st, 2018

So um, dumb question. Is the price of hosting Fimfiction going up? Are the ads already on the pages not supporting the upkeep? Or is it just a random money grab to put the "remove adverts and more, Patreon" everywhere? It seems rather sad and a touch greedy to me, watching the site go from reasonable ads to scrolling ads and so on to now. Where it does its best to scream "gib moar money". Which if I was able to I'd be glad to. Even if the new patreon is obnoxious. But as is I'm poor and I

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I'm a joke :D · 10:18pm Nov 7th, 2017

So I doubt anyone is gonna care. because whatever. But for those foolish enough to follow my horrible stories you should know I'm giving up on this pathetically laughable attempt of writing. Both for this, and Bookhorse. Which is my other story. I'm giving up, flaking out. whatever you wanna call it. I'm just making it official right now instead of leaving it like this for longer. at least August and September had the excuse of me being in the Army but I'm not anymore and I don't have an

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I'm baaaaack · 4:18pm Sep 22nd, 2017

So that whole "Adventure" was certainly a one of a kind experience. one I wasn't prepared for at all. It's helped me learn a few things and certainly took a whole lot out of me. I might start working on my story again, or possibly on Bookhorse. I know that one doesn't get enough attention from me. though I do prefer working on The Adventures of Us, mostly because that was and continues to be inspired by wonderful people I am blessed to return to. So I guess what this boring and disappointingly

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Walker is officially cancelled. · 12:53am Jun 13th, 2017

After being unofficially cancelled for quite some time i realize there was no room for such a crappy story here, I can't believe how proud I was. If there was anyone who cared, I'm sorry but I could not stand working on this horrible piece of stupidity anymore.

It is the first story I ever uploaded to Fimfiction and for that I'll give it a blog.

The End.

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