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 Speed demon in the apocalypse, Galloping Gale is exiled from their vault for minor defects, outside they find their destiny, traveling the road as the quickest courier this side of Rift. Will they find their Virtue? Or find out that's a bunch of malarkey? They're certainly all outta bobbleheads and statuettes on this one though.

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Life is about perfect for Sugarplum, there's beauty and love and kindness all around them, watch as they go to school and make new friends, learn, and love life, being the happiest little bat they can be!

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Seeking vengeance in Equestria often leads to incredible corrupting power and madness, often resulting in the involvement of the Elements of Harmony or the Princesses. Yet from the start this attack involved more than a simple guard would expect, only on patrol to map the Plains and do his duty. and while the guard trains for many things, raining balls of fire so deadly and explosive was not one of them.

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The world is a complicated place. We all have odd jobs and titles. I happen to have more than most. any ways. This is the record of my life in modern Equestria. Take of it what you will. -Wind. Minor deity

inspired by many conversations with damaged and co. on their discord channel.

I take full blame if this ends up terrible

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