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In his search for someone dear to him, the Hero of Time is tricked by a fairy spirit and drawn to Equestria, where he soon finds that both realms share not only long lost connections, but also enemies both thought gone. With the alliance of Hyrule's greatest nemesis with the thousand-year-old menace of Equestria set on permanently ridding themselves of those who foiled their plans, it'll be up to the Elements and a boy to once again take on their roles as heroes and unearth a history few even know of.

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MLPxLegend of Zelda crossover (if that wasn't obvious ahah)
Though not much prior knowledge of the Legend of Zelda series is required, you may not recognize some names if you're a stranger to the franchise. Takes place after Ocarina of Time, but before Majora's Mask.

(20-12-12) Chapter 1 has finally been rewritten!
Chapter 2 has also been corrected and updated!

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Oh, wow. This holds a lot of promise for greatness.

This is written so well! :pinkiehappy::yay::twilightsmile:

Great story so far.

I'm favoriting in advance 'cause I know this will be awesome

If you manage to keep up this level of excellence and punctuality this is going to be one of the best stories on this site.

I sense success in this story's future


This has some serious bucking potential. Your attention to detail was just amazing. (idk about detail but you described everything really well) Can't wait to read more. You sir have earned a favorite and a watch. I'm expecting great things... GREAT things! One more thing though... LINK CAN TALK!?!? How long has he been away from the princess that he's had time to recover his voice from the severe kicks to the balls that resulted him in only being able to shout 'YAH!'?

Why must you cliffhang here, why?:fluttercry:

Way to go, new chapter!:pinkiehappy:

Shit, meet the fan. Fan, shit.

This story is getting juicy keep it up :yay:

Is this based off the ocarina of time or one of the other zelda games, and will link get the master sword?

1019505 This is set after Ocarina of Time (before or after Majora's Mask is up to you to decide); the Master Sword is a topic that will be discussed soon. :3

Does this take place after Majora's Mask? If so, it's canon for Link to have had the Gilded Sword.
If not, then carry on and ignore the Gilded Sword problem.

1019648 Funny you ask that right after I answer a similar question xD

The Gilded Sword is something of an optional weapon (unlike, for instance, the Master Sword), so whether it's before or after Majora's Mask can remain arguable. I'll admit that for me, it's set before Majora's Mask (hence why it has the same opening, slightly modified).

i mention this because ou could end the legend in a rhyme by invovlineg the master sword turning him into a man... Just a thought though


Sorry about that, the opening is actually really, really similar to the ending, and I assumed this to be set after it. I'm a partial stickler for Zelda canon, and it's confirmed the Hero's Shade is Post-MM Link and that he had the Gilded Sword.

1019673 Ah, it's fine. I knew about him being the Hero's Shade, but I must have missed the Gilded Sword being mentioned somewhere.


It's fine friend, I'll still enjoy the story.

“White Castle!”

No thanks, i'll take Burger King


Currently checking Google and laughing at that xD

I will stays with Krystal thank you very much...great chapter

Alright, new chapter of Link-ness. (bah, screw you I will say what I want) Can't wait to read more.

I love the direction you're taking this story, but at times things seem really confusing. Did Gannondorf enter the Twilight realm or not?

This was the Gerudo Desert, after all; how the Royal Family had succeeded in negotiating with the tribe of thieves the execution of their only male in so long at such a location was a surprising fact that betrayed just how great the change that was starting to take over Hyrule was.

Not sure what you were doing, but it feels like there's a typo/grammar error in there somewhere. Either that or the sentence is way too long.

His Majesty knows what he is doing.

This is talking about Zelda, right? Isn't it a she?

chapter 1 spelling mistake:
But unicorns… hey’re supposed to be myths…


1043434 Erm, yes, the long sentences is something I'm struggling to avoid, so I'm really sorry for the length some of them can take :twilightsheepish:

Regarding Ganondorf, I was going to explain that later on, but i'll just give the short version. I'm just assuming that the figures on the mirror define what the destination is; so the runes in TP are like coordinates for the Twilight Realm, while the new ones are for Equestria. So no, he didn't enter the Twilight Realm. He just used the same mirror to go elsewhere.

About His Majesty, I did mean the King as opposed to Zelda. TP doesn't seem to set a specific date for the execution sequence, so I'm just assuming it takes place directly after Link leaves (or in this case, while he's leaving). So Zelda is still a child, and the decision rests on the king.

Oops, my bad. It's been corrected, thanks! ^^

... What.

This is astoundingly good. Keep it up!


I see no problem here. Of course, knowing how late I am to most stories by my favorite authors, it has already been fixed. Great story, the grammar Nazi inside my head isn't being an asshole, so there are no problems. Great job, can't wait to see more.
Here, have a herp.:derpytongue2:

I have never played or touched a Zelda Game...
But this intrigues me...

I believe people enjoyed Fallout Equestria far far more if they never played fallout.
Yes some of the terminology or names escape you.
LittlePip walked out of the vault a total stranger to the wasteland. And I was in the same boat as her. It was that which I shared with the character that made the story so much more enjoyable.

So I am going to give this a go, hell maybe I will suddenly want to buy a Nintendo and play Zelda games, who knows.

Damnit another friggin cliff hanger... You enjoy those don't you



Nice job, mate!

:raritystarry::raritystarry: This is getting Juicy!, Can't wait for the next part

Wait.... so ganon had a part in the creation of nightmare moon?:rainbowhuh:

or do I have to read this again? Maybe when its not so damn late. :twilightblush:

Ahah, perhaps re-reading that part xD
Nightmare Moon was created only as a result of the corruption of Luna's power, in short.

This story is great.

I'm not sure which subreddit to post this to so you can get more viewers.

Great story, but soon a flood of Redditors will appear, and they might criticize your story. They will have suggestions, and this will make the front page in under one hour.

Please allow me to reap the Karma points for this story.


Hah, I actually hadn't thought of Reddit before, now that you mention it xD



I knew there was something I forgot to do today!

Oh well, Criken's videos on Reddit ruined my posting schedule. You can have your well deserved Karma points.

Also, have a herp.

Eh, maybe I'll try tomorrow, I don't even have an account set up there :derpytongue2:

maybe the King of Hyrule perhaps?

hehe just kidding

added to my "to-read" list. Gonna read it once it's completed :twilightsmile:

I think it would be better if Link didn't talk. Like in the games.


I actually argued with myself on that matter for some time, and the best excuse I found was to meet everyone halfway. So basically, Link does talk, but the ponies don't understand him, so he's technically silent in those cases (do note that I try to keep his dialogue to a minimum in that sense). Whenever he does talk, it's with Olivia, so it doubles as being his thoughts. Using a silent character isn't very easy, sorry :twilightsheepish:

Very engaging so far, but I must confess that some of your sentences have me staring at my screen trying to figure out what was meant.

"This was the Gerudo Desert, after all; how the Royal Family had succeeded in negotiating with the tribe of thieves the execution of their only male in so long at such a location was a surprising fact that betrayed just how great the change that was starting to take over Hyrule was."


Either way, the detail in the story is lovely so I'll have to read more. :twilightsmile:

*sigh* All I want is a story where Epona interacts with the Equestrians. I don't care if Link is there too, I just want Epona in Ponyville. Is that too much to ask? :ajsleepy:

Zelda and MLP
first thing my mind comes up with is...
*parasprite invades ponyville*
''ow LOOK,LOOK! HEY! LINK!! LOOK!! LISTEN!! ect.''

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