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Tom has been chosen by a withered Dragon Spirit, to carry on his legacy.

Little did he know, it meant becoming a mother to a massive clutch of eggs.

Now as a young Dragoness in a world of dwindling magic, she must hatch and raise her children against all odds.

Perhaps even sharing her gift with a few other friends, raising a family isn't an undertaking to be experienced alone.

Ember TF, Smolder TF & Spike TF.

Egg hatching shenanigans aplenty.

Made Popular On 11/24/19.

Chapters (4)
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Interesting start, but could do with some proofreading.

For instance, you have the spirit and Tom talking in the same paragraph.


I'll see if I can find a proofreader.

The story so far looks promising

I've been reading the description and I have a question, what does "tf" mean?

What kind of transformation?

But Spike, Ember and Smolder are dragons

This story takes place in The Human World, an AU from Equestria.

The spirit dragon granted the human Tom, a Dragoness form to hatch the eggs. Perhaps even bring enough magic to this reality, to perhaps return to Equestria. If so that story would be a Displaced story, any other TF's in this story would involve Human into Dragon TF.

Do you need someone to write for Smolder's Transformation? Not sure what role Spike and Smolder have for this....maybe Garble can help as he is Smolder's brother and can use his beat poetry to make the other dragons laugh and warm up the eggs for hatching.

I believe Devious already has somebody for Smoulder.

No thank you, not looking for a co-writer.

Though do need a OC human to play Spike down the line, my plan is to have this story lead to a AU Displaced story in the future.

Always keeping a eye on us, Eh Boss?

You can never escape my watchful eye.


Lol, watch away I'm not one for shenanigans.


Heh, wasn't expecting you to use my actual first name, Dee ;3

Lol, just for this chapter it's Jimmy forward. :derpytongue2:

Okie =3

-awaits the next chapter- X3

Now, I haven't read this story yet, but shouldn't that this story needs an Equestria Girls tag?

Not one Equestria Girl in this story, nor is it taking place in the EQG universe.

I put Human tag though, for Human character.

Whatever the truth, she was happy to be on solid ground. Surrounded by scenery she could actually identify, rushing back to her overgrown campsite, she prayed to find her tent. Heart skipping when she found it covered in vibrant green moss, ripping her way inside she found her old cellphone under a bundle of leaves.

She needed someone to share this crazy story with, only one person coming to mind.

Who would hopefully believe this truly outrageous tale.

Jimmy Hook.

:yay: :yay: :yay: :yay:!!!!

Im known im getting ahead but what spike role going to be? As a son, lover, or friend?

I have no idea how I missed the chapters to this.

Jimmy wanted me to post some kind of art for Smolder, so here's a random fanart I found.

Don't own it but whoever drew it, has my upvote!

Perfect for me :3

So.... even though I was unconscious for my change into her.... will there be a chapter that will have my transformation happening in full during while I was knocked out? ^^

If not, I understand ^^

Small glimpses later on but nothing really in depth.

I like to mix up my sequences.

Okie =3

Besides, every once in a while.... I'm fine with being unconscious for some of my transformations. :ajsmug: Because after all... I always love being awake for them just so I can watch my body change of course X3 :yay:

Btw.... heh.... this is my 88th overall transformation (and guess which movie franchise has that number being prevalent a lot in terms of time travel. :raritywink:)

Jimmy's transformation scene was a bit abrupt compare to Tom's. I think it might be better to have him gradually changed (but unaware) while walking through the forest.

That's the thing: I wasn't expecting an unconscious transformation for me ^^'

Jimmu likes to stick art on the end of his stories for some reason.

Erm...Friday the Thirteenth?

Nope :3 It's..... Back to the Future X3

Is this story still alive?

She'll be back..... I hope....

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