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Devious Dazzle

Hello, I'm Dee And I've Been Called Quirky!


Marble Pie.

The filly.

The myth.

The legendary bratty child.

Until Cloudy Quartz, corrects her that is.

Made Popular On 12\25\19

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Welcome to Pony Paradise.

A quaint little house.

Each day run by a new hostess, her main focus is to keep you happy.

Cuddles aplenty, snuggles, and even belly rubs!

Boop the snoot and scritch those ears!

An Cuddle A Day, Keeps The Sadness Away!

This Story Will Be Updated Daily, But Only For A Month!

Enjoy Spending Time With Your Hostesses!

Monday. Twilight's Quiet Time. :twilightsmile:

Tuesday. Rainbow's Exercise Routine. :rainbowkiss:

Wednesday. Fluttershy's Animal Cuddle Session. :yay:

Thursday. Pinkie's Cooking Class! :pinkiehappy:

Friday. Rarity's Fashion Show! :raritywink:

Saturday. Trixie's Showmare Secrets. :trixieshiftright:

Sunday. Mystery Cuddle Guest!

For Sunday's Secret Pony, Simply Vote In The Comments!

Highest Vote Will Summon The Pony For Sunday!

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A wealthy company owner comes across a curious new addition to his mask collection.

A chance to leave his world behind for something more simplistic.

What is the measure of happiness?

The material objects you cling to?

Or the lessons you choose to leave behind?

This Is A Request Story Done For MarblePieLover.

A Human Mage Meadowbrook Transformation.

Please Excuse My Lateness!

I Might Be Open To Other Requests, I Can Write TF's And Anything Else Really.

If Interested Pm Me With Your Ideas, Let's Work Something Out.

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Rainbow Dash moves into a quaint little neighborhood on earth.

Her only neighbor a lonely young man.

He's absolutely harmless!

But then again he's always stained red...

Her friends are coming up missing...

He has gloves on at night...

Why is his house so big!?


She's not crazy!

He's the maniac!!

This Is A Birthday Gift For My Friend Thunder!

I Hope You Enjoy!

Will Update This Every Other Day Till Complete.

This Is A Ponies On Earth Story / Hello Neighbor Parody!

Made Popular On 12\13\19

Featured On 12\13\19! ~ Thank You All So Much!

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Welcome to the neighborhood!

Tartarus St.

Full of folks who just don't like people. That doesn't mean they can't join in on various neighborhood activities!?

Follow a group of people simply living for the moment, perhaps even finding comfort in the company of others.

Or maybe finding love?

Nah! ~ Everybody hates each other here.

Made Popular On 11/30/19

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What is the meaning of friendship?

To hold each other up from the unknown, to never let the other falter.

One drink shared with someone special, can make all your problems fade away.

Gift To My Friend Misty Rose

Because Why Not!?

She's Just Awesome!

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Tom has been chosen by a withered Dragon Spirit, to carry on his legacy.

Little did he know, it meant becoming a mother to a massive clutch of eggs.

Now as a young Dragoness in a world of dwindling magic, she must hatch and raise her children against all odds.

Perhaps even sharing her gift with a few other friends, raising a family isn't an undertaking to be experienced alone.

Ember TF, Smolder TF & Spike TF.

Egg hatching shenanigans aplenty.

Made Popular On 11/24/19.

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The depravity you see.

The gluttony which runs free.

Tis all be apart of me.

Very belated birthday gift to my friend Jimmy Hook, with of course some spooky flair.

A Little Nightmares TF.

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Shawty needed her pop-tarts!

I needed my crumpets, that fine booty just couldn't wait another second.

So I bounced down to her crib, and POW accidentally blasted a new bum-hole in the universe!

Now I'm surrounded by fine azz ladies, each with SICK TATS!

Mmmm, these girls are fiiiiine!

And rainbows are on tap like wine, boi!

Tiny Tina, Lost Who Knows Where?

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My name was Adam Crune.

I mysteriously woke up to find, I was somehow transformed into Apple Bloom!

Though it's not all rainbows and magic...

Being a Pony in a Human's world, is a most frightening thing.

Will I ever find my place in this world?

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