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Hello, I'm Dee And I've Been Called Quirky!


If Curious... · 6:47am Feb 17th, 2020

As to where I've been.

Why would you?

My aunt had gotten sick again, sadly she passed away.

To be honest, I've been struggling to get the energy to trudge along each passing day.

For those who don't know, ever since my mother passed... She was more a less my second mother.

A beacon of light in my grey life.

I'm not going to lie, I feel horrible.

I'm not sure what to do or what to say.

Everybody I love, has just up and left me.

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Taking some time off... · 1:31am Jan 8th, 2020

Something happened and I just need time to think.

I'll be back soonish I guess.

Just feel down right now, so until then bye.


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A Day Of Devious. #1. ~ Life Blog Name Still In Development, lol. · 11:08pm Jan 2nd, 2020

Hello again!

Devious here, been having a nice calm day so far.

I've decided to try out these Life Blogs, for about a week.

To be honest it's a tad relaxing to just open up and talk, now my blogs hopefully won't just seem as if I'm posting something, for the main sake of not having an empty wall.

Well what have I been up to?

To start off the new year, I decided to go look around a few Thrift Stores!

Yeah, I'm not like the type able to just go to the bigger clothing stores.

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Life Blogs? ~ Testing The Idea. · 6:36pm Jan 1st, 2020

I had a really fun time cutting loose last night.

I actually felt sort of free, it's been a while since I have felt that.

Anyway, after I woke up from a well needed nap.

I felt absolutely frazzled by the by.

Lol, I'm not a party type.

So it took like tons of energy out of me, but at the same time was beyond exhilarating!

So now I'm on a kick to just live a bit more in the moment, first thing of the new year...

And I got myself another cat!

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I love you all! · 7:41am Jan 1st, 2020

I just got home from an amazing party!

I think, Midnight sweeped my votes!

So Midnight will be my avatar of choice, this year!!

I want to wish you all, a beautiful 2020!!

You're each soo amazing!

I love everyone of you, being surrounded by good friends.

That's the real treasure to cherish.

Stay safe, and I just pray you all will be blessed.

In one way or another!

Happy New Year! :heart:


Casual Talk With Dazzle! · 7:41pm Dec 31st, 2019

I was getting ready for a cozy night inside.

When my neighbor just invited me to a New Year's Eve Party.

Usually I'd say maybe, depending on how I feel.

But I think it's time I toss being conservative to the wind.

I did spend Christmas in a bit of a lonely slump...

So I'm going to just enjoy myself, be more social and maybe even make a few new friends?

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Shout Out To Thunderous! · 6:00pm Dec 31st, 2019

My friend Thunderous wrote a very quaint and adorable story.

Thinking Of You

If anyone wants, go check it out! :twilightsmile:

And show it some love!

It's very sweet.

I found it a good read, you might too.

Devious. :heart:

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New Year Resolution! ~ Pick My Avatar! · 6:45am Dec 31st, 2019

One of my New Year Resolutions, is to not change my avatar frequently in 2020.

It shall teach me the discipline of perseverance.

So I'm doing the Hands of Fate type deal, I'm letting whoever wants to chime in choose my Avatar.

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Bleh. · 3:57am Dec 28th, 2019

For anyone tracking.

A Cuddle A Day, I'm not updating tonight.

But instead going to double update tomorrow.

I'm very tired tonight, been feeling just very bleh all day.

Right now I'm cramping and just need some rest.

Ty for understanding.


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Huh!? · 10:10pm Dec 27th, 2019

Something odd happened today.

I went to the store to buy a few items, as I was checking out.

The cashier asked how I was, I said fine of course.

She then said, I looked as if I just woke up from a big nap.

I giggled.

Then she leaned in and whispered.

"Honestly, you look stoned. Just between us, don't worry I am too."

I was like...


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