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Rainbow Dash, now the co-captain of the Wonderbolts, had everything she had wished to achieve in her life: Fame, fans and being in the Wonderbolts. But, she misses her dear friend Thunder Clash everyday and remembers him by looking at a picture with him and the rest of her old gang back when they were foals. One day, her squad accidentally barges in her room during the time she was reminiscing on the picture...

Takes place in the Thunderverse, a prequel to Thunder Zaps: A New Beginning.

Pre-read by TheBlueEM2, edited by TheMajorTechie.

A one-shot story! My very first one!

Made popular on 31/12/2019 :rainbowderp:

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"H-HEY! It was an accident! Besides, didn't you see my flashback? There were a ton of branches that hit me when I was falling. It was impossible to focus on catching myself!"

That's totally how flashbacks work Rainbow... Totes. :rainbowdetermined2: :rainbowlaugh:

I found this story wholesome and sweet, very cute. :heart:

Excellent job, :rainbowkiss:

Hahaha... That was definitely not a 4th wall break. :rainbowlaugh:

Eeyup. Though, this is just the start! Stay tune for Thunder Zaps: A New Beginning! :rainbowwild:

Aww, thanks, Devious~! :twilightsmile:

No problem, when I read it I just couldn't stop laughing.

You're a lovely writer, you should be proud of yourself!

Heh, aww, shucks. It was nothing, dude. I just wanted to write some stuff, that's all. :twilightsheepish:

I gave you a shout-out .

Also I see you made the popular list, congratulations.


Aww, thanks, dude! :rainbowwild:

Wait, what!? :rainbowderp: Where!? I didn't see it! :rainbowhuh:

Ah...memories...so much fun time, as MLP has ended without any assurance if generation 5 will come out is amazing...now, I need to lay on my chair on the poch, so I can gaze upon the frassy field with flowers sprouting from the touch of the glowing sun...tears rolls down my eye as memories of a show once loved (And hated by others for some reason) ended with a closing of a book.

Umm... okay? :rainbowderp:

But, basing on your profile pic, you're just saying it here just for fun, aren't you? :facehoof:

Happy life and a happy fight!

Happy new year their that’s my good deed for the day

Lol. Happy new years to you too.

ur first one u say:trixieshiftright:well...hope this goes well

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