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Devious Dazzle

Hello, I'm Dee And I've Been Called Quirky!


Finding yourself transformed into a Equestria Girls version of Gabby Griffin is hard enough, but mixing in magic and a delivery job is just asking for trouble.

A Displaced Story.

Part Of The Canterlot Adventures Universe!

This Story Is Apart Of A Huge Collab Universe, Check Out The Link Above If Interested In Joining!

Also Check Out The Story That Started It All! An Apple A Day.

Perhaps Even Check In On Some Other Displaced CMC Characters!

The Belle Rings True.


A Case Of The Scoots.

Popular On 3/12/19

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I like it so far. Keep up the good work dear Devious Dazzle.
Also, have a crazy day/night!

I always do!

Only peace I get is during Twilight :3

Ooh, this is going great so far!

Also, welcome Gabs! :twilightsmile:

Keep it rollin' Gabby!

Good job!

My email for collabs is honestashleyjsmith@gmail.com.


Heehee, you too Button!

Always rolling,never stopping!

Just check your brakes work!

Yes. They are needed so that trains don't crash.

How darling. Interested to see more.

Wow, Gilda standing up to Grandpa Gruff!

This is rather cute. I'm mildly looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

Great work! Bravo!
Keep going, this just got even more interesting.
Have a good day/night.

Mild sauce! My favorite!

Darling? That's one above cute, whoo hoo!

When she feels something isn't right, yes.

I see Gilda as a take no HorseApples type, though rarely shows her softer side.
Ty insanity! Your optimism makes me smile!

Andrewtru is writing for Rarity and has a clothing store.

Keep it rolling!

(Sorry Gabby, forgot to track. Mistake corrected).

Wait a minute all of this part ...”GASP”:pinkiegasp: I see someone get Inspired by The Mask !

I was hoping someone would catch it!:pinkiesmile:

Tempest here, welcome to the family Gabby.

Maybe Gilda and Gabby can meet Rarity (Andrewtru) and maybe some others at the school....

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