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Rainbow Dash moves into a quaint little neighborhood on earth.

Her only neighbor a lonely young man.

He's absolutely harmless!

But then again he's always stained red...

Her friends are coming up missing...

He has gloves on at night...

Why is his house so big!?


She's not crazy!

He's the maniac!!

This Is A Birthday Gift For My Friend Thunder!

I Hope You Enjoy!

Will Update This Every Other Day Till Complete.

This Is A Ponies On Earth Story / Hello Neighbor Parody!

Made Popular On 12\13\19

Featured On 12\13\19! ~ Thank You All So Much!

Chapters (2)
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Best Hello Neighbor song ever!

he just lost his daughter give the guy a break dash!

I'm going to gesture in the general direction of the "Crossover" tag that isn't there but probably should be.

Will this be "Home Alone".... or "The Burbs"!! :fluttershbad:

Lmao! Loving this already~! Thanks, dude! :twilightsmile:

It's a parody.

Crossover involves characters and settings of another idea.

A parody uses a similar idea or themes to something.

I'm very happy to hear you're liking it so far!

Already almost have the next chapter ready, writing it while I'm not working... Being a waitress isn't fun but it pays. Lol.

Probably one might be up, when it's morning for you.

Though, I know you'd purposely use a gruffy voice, since the neighbor from Hello Neighbor has a rough grunting voice when he gets hit or something. But, John is actually an alto. Sort of like me in real life.

Ah, gotcha. Welp, I better get to sleep then. Noight! :twilightsmile:

I meant gruff as in more of a rude off putting attitude sort of way lol.

Also sweet dreams!


Being a waitress isn't fun but it pays. Lol.

So THAT'S where you got the job idea for Bianca in my Adagio Dazzle, Sonata Dusk, and Aria Blaze TG TF stories, huh Dee? :scootangel:


I wish I was a barista, working with coffee sounds fun.

I work at a Mexican Restaurant, I'm taking orders, filling drinks etc.

I will be amused if literally all of Rooke’s actions are perfectly reasonable. I will also be amused if he is secretly the devil.

Dash could always just kill him.

I mean, that's the reasonable course of action when you're suspicious of someone! Then you don't have to worry about them anymore!

It's worked for me... :pinkiecrazy:

10006553 It certainly is.

Much quicker than waiting for the asteroid impact!

Well, my immediate theory is that he makes pony plushies.

But I'm curious to see where this leads either way.

¿Esto es como el capítulo de Los Simpsons donde Bart cree que Ned Flanders asesinó a su esposa?

No entiendo ¿El humano terminó en Equestria?

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