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Heart of my own heart, how can I let you go? Love of my life, why go where I cannot follow? Why must you leave me behind, to live on without you? My love, my love, what am I going to do without you?


Pinkie Pie likes to make ponies laugh. It's what she does. Her goal is always to make ponies as happy as they can possibly be. So when she hears Fluttershy had a bad day yesterday, she immediately makes it her goal to cheer her good friend up and make her smile.
But maybe not with parties and games this time.

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This one is a nice look at a heartwarming moment. I like it.

Nice one. Good pacing and fluently executed.
I enjoyed it. Thx for writing.

5777799 Thanks! Glad you liked it!

Holy Fun-in-a-bun-in-a-sun that was great. :pinkiesmile:

A very nice and calm story, definitely subverts expectations with Pinkie Pie involved. I definitely enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

We need more Flutter Pie friendship!

5778441 The comment about the two of them being together on Fluttershy's terms isn't a joke. I can think of very few instances in the show concerning just the two of them.

5778313 Thanks! Pinkie Pie makes for great comedy, but I wanted to write something gentle and quiet this time instead.

The farmpony looked about at her cart full of deep red apples, relieved that none of the cart’s contents had spilled out onto the dirty road. A simple bath of water would be enough to clean dirt off, but possible bumps and bruises weren’t so easy.

I like this because it demonstrates Applejack's POV while demonstrating exposition. Applejack has a strong sense of responsbility to family and farm, and her first thought (given that her friend simply seems excited, rather than in serious trouble) is for her apples (which are the primary product of Sweet Apple Acres). And you explain exactly what she's worried about. Well done.

AJ would be especially glad to see Twilight,as she has an especially-close friendship with her. Even if you don't ship them (and I don't) it's obviously the sort of friendship that dervies from deeply compatible natures, transcending differences in social class and professional orientation (AJ is a rural middle class farm mare, Twilight an upper class scholar-mage -- it doesn't matter, they're still like sisters).

I've thought about why AJ and Twilight get along so well. I think it comes down to core values. Both of them care about their families, both have beloved big brothers (Big Mac, Shining Armor) and have to take care of younger siblings (Apple Bloom, Spike), both are very strongly driven by duty and honor. Applejack has only minimal book-learning, but she respects Twilight's intelligence and erudition; Twilight doesn't emphasize her honesty, but she is honest, especially to her friends. They each admire one others' virtues.

In a time that would have impressed even Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie found herself in front of the doors of Fluttershy’s cottage, knocking on the doors in a frantic rhythm. It was a matter of happiness and unhappiness that she cure this catastrophe immediately, and she needed to see her super-awesome friend NOW!

I love how you wrote this, especially the second line. You convey Pinkies hyper-kinetic nature very effectively.

As usual, the party pony went on her ramble as if she hadn’t noticed. “So, Fluttershy,” she said, speaking as if she was an investigator about to demand answers. “What. Would. You. Like. To. Do? We could have a party and invite all our friends over or we could play games or we could do whatever we felt like doing and it’ll be so much fun!”

This is more what Pinkie Pie would like to do. :pinkiehappy: Fluttershy prefers to spend her time either with her animals or with her few good Pony friends.

“Goodness, you are hungry today!” Fluttershy declared (Or, declared as loudly for a pony whose normal voice was barely above a whisper).

You probably shouldn't capitalize the "or" here, as it's not really the start of a new sentence, but rather a clause dependent upon the "Fluttershy declared" sentence, with the other major dependent clause being "Goodness, you are hungry today."

And yes. Fluttershy is at her loudest when she's truly happy, and she is most truly happy when she can help her animals and they appreciate her. She's also not at all shy when it's only her animals around, as we see at the start of "Filli Vanilli."

“Usually, yes,” Fluttershy answered, her eyes glowing as a pair of birds hovered to say hello to her. “I’ll go here and there to say hello to all my little friends, and then I’ll try to make my way over to the woods to greet even more of my little friends, and maybe one or two of my not-so-little animal friends. They all have such nice manners, and are always very kind to me.”

This is actually true!

If you understand and can employ a reasonably smart animal's communication channels, the animal is extremely likely to treat you politely and well ... especially if you are a representative of a species known to be high on the food chain. While the Ponies, unlike Humans, aren't much into carnivory, their technological prowess and social cohesion make them exactly same sort of feared uber-animals as are Humans in our world. Fluttershy, of course, is friendly and inclined to help them out, so they would be especially nice to her. And, anyway, it's her Talent.

... and even checked in on a big brown bear that gave Fluttershy a very big, fuzzy hug.

Fluttershy seems to be especially good friends with Hairy Bear, and I've always thought there must be some backstory there. Maybe she helped him out when he really needed it ... perhaps when he was a cub, or possibly when he'd been severely wounded ... and in consequence she has his undying loyalty.

Realistically, bears are highly-intelligent creatures (virtual "apes of the Carnivora"), long-lived and at the top of the food chain, so a long-term friendship between a Pony and a Bear might be quite possible. Such have frequently existed between Humans and Bears, too, when we were able to stop killing one another.

This was a beautiful story, one ultimately about Pinkie experiencing minor but real growth as a character. I really liked it.

5778546 WOW, that might be the most in-depth review I've seen anyone give a story of mine in a long while. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the ride, and thanks for everything else. And yes, that "or" did look a little funky to me, and I couldn't decide whether or not to change it, but I guess the answer ended up being no.
In other words, it was late and I was tired. But thanks for pointing it out.

Lovely story! I enjoyed it a lot! :twilightsmile:

5778815 Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

5779295 You're welcome, keep on writing beautiful stories! :scootangel:

Though Pinkie is my favorite it's nice to see her dialed back a few notches. Very well done story.

5784389 Thanks! I wanted to do a dialed-back Pinkie because we don't get to see it very often.

I liked this very much.

Awww, that was adorable. :twilightsmile:

8104178 Thank you so much!

Fantastic story! I really enjoyed watching Pinkie learn and grow as a friend. Thank you. :pinkiehappy::yay:

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