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Heart of my own heart, how can I let you go? Love of my life, why go where I cannot follow? Why must you leave me behind, to live on without you? My love, my love, what am I going to do without you?


This story is a sequel to Love Letters of the Princess of the Sun

The search for the Sombra and the Philosopher's Stone has failed. Years have passed since Celestia and Saber Ford departed from Equestria's shores, with nothing to show of their relentless hunting- and facing the haunting truth that their foe may have already found the long-elusive prize.

Desperate to preserve her people, Celestia is given a key to an ancient, timeless place- the Palace of Infinity, a gateway to another universe. Countless worlds span the horizon, and within its great depths lies the treasure they seek. But deep within the Palace lie strange new worlds, and incredible dangers.

And none who enter have ever returned.

My swan song and farewell to this place.

Chapters (19)
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Comments ( 50 )

Okay, I see what you're doing.

And I like it.

I don't think I'm ready for the series to end :fluttercry:

Trust me, you've got a while to go. This story will take some serious time.

Sped through the other Celestia and Ford stories and loved them. Really looking forward to seeing where this one goes!

Out of curiosity, do you have the entire story written, and are posting chapters intervally? Or do you have only bits and pieces, or chapters, completed here and there, and do further writing after each post?

Several chapters already written. Will post weekly to help me stay ahead of the game.

Comment posted by Echo 27 deleted Jun 24th, 2019

“Can’t you conjure something up? We need cold weather gear if we want to stay alive!”

“Magic doesn’t work like that, I can’t create something from nothing! No one can!” Celestia protested.

Except Discord

Discord is chaos, so of course he breaks rules and laws. It's his definition.

My swan song and farewell to this place.

You'll be missed.
Don't hurry, if you please.

We got a ways to go. I did not call this Infinity for nothing.

Nice world building

"The Light Lives in all places. In all things. You can block it, even try to trap it, but the Light will find its way."

Great line. The Speaker's best line in the game is still his roast of Ghaul, though.

That was a pretty damn good roast from an old story teller.

“What do you hope to find here, in this doomed place of lost salvation?” Sonbra taunted.

You misspelled Sombrero's name there.


I wanted to find my Maker- to free the one who had redeemed me! I would have had you there with me, kin of my kind.

I assume you made Sombra to be an Alicorn. I'm asking that cause in the show/comics he's not even a pony but a creature of darkness, an Umbrum. Nice chapter btw


1. Whoops. I'll fix that.

2. No. He is an Umbra. But I took a bit of inspiration from Tolkien and decided to make Umbra fallen Alicorns who were twisted into another race entirely.

Sweet lore

Wow I love what you done so far. Keep it up cause I'm looking forward to it 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Why are the chapter names each in a different language? I tried to translate them and got some results but fail to see any correlation between them.

Typically has something to do with the world they jump to, and the overlying theme of the chapter in general.

Yikes, I didn’t notice you started the third story. Catch up time.

No chapter this week? :(

Currently dealing with a hurricane. A bit preoccupied, sorry.

Oh shit. Take care.

If it weren't for the power being out, I wouldn't notice. I've been in tornado outbreaks worse than this.

I have a horrible feeling this story is not going to end well. Someone is not going to survive this battle. And it is a thought that hurts...

Think how Pixar ends many of their movies. That's a great philosophy of storytelling that I admire immensely.

So there is that.

RIP Ford. He had a good run.

Wait. It's done? This the end?

Only an epilogue remains. Release time stated above.

It's been quite a journey. :moustache:

And thus this story has come to it's conclusion. So many ups and downs, heartache and joy, it has been a ride for the ages. I hope that your future works are as glorious as this, because this was on par to the best stories I have read on this site.

May your imagination never fade, Maestro of The Word.

I'll See You Star side!

And so we have reach the end to another wondeful story.Hope you will make more stories like this cause I love some romance between the princess and her guard/bodyguard.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Ah yes, he’s a big spooky Orc of sorts

What an adventure! Some joy and bittersweet touches to that ending, but there's a lot of hope that everyone will be reunited. Seeing how far Ford has come is something else entirely. Be sure to tag this stuff in a blog when you manage to get around to the original fiction versions, or just original fiction in general, since I would love to read that too. You brought a unique style and interesting ideas to this story, and I'm glad to have seen the series through. Sometimes the whole good/evil dynamic was a little heavy-handed, and Sombra was badass, but not especially dynamic compared to other characters, but was still well-written. That does seem to be a carryover from Tolkien inspiration though, so it's quite understandable.

When I started reading these stories I could not have guessed it would end up here. I know there is good amount of book left but here and now was something I didn't expect. let alone the journey and time just to make it this far. They made a whole new kingdom never and ruled it for centuries. Here I thought the 10 years just getting to the palace at first was a long time. I just wonder what will it be like back in Equestria if they ever get back. I know Luna will be there always to rule. Twi and Candace would have longer lifespans but I doubt they could go the thousands of years they would be gone. Tho time dose work differently in here but I still wonder.
I had a feeling that Ford wasn't going to make it to the end of the story and I still fully expect him not to. But he at least got the time he has now with his princess and that makes me a bit happier about it.

I know you dont write anymore here but I just want to let you know this story is a perfect example of something you didn't even need to have ties to pony. Even from the start by just changing a few slight names ans events it could be its own thing. Hell you could even adapt it to make it its own book.

I am now off to attempt to finish this over the next few days between work
10/10 so far


Ah this ended mildly better then I expected. This whole journey was something I never really expected but it was amazing to come along for it. I am glad it didnt 100% end in a tragedy that I expected but still kind of left me wanting to know more about where they ended up and more about what they left behind.
All in all still a great work of writing


Well Ford was 100% killed through a combination of blood loss and his soul getting ripped out of his body, and Sombra broke her neck. So...

Well yeah its aint perfect happy ending but didnt end in my predicted worse ending. Where they are technically still together and even saw Luna again kind of.
I just wanted to know more on how they were able to talk to her or even if things like that were real and other things a long that line.

My world-building is inspired by Tolkien and Jeff Smith's Bone. My philosophy and views of eternal, ethereal things comes from CS Lewis. I suggest you look at something Ford says to Luna to know where they head.

And of course it's real. More real than anything they've ever known.

Ah I must have missed something there sorry. That makes a bit more sense it was just a bit strange on the first read over and I may have missed a few bits after everything hat happens in the last 2 chapters.
It still is a great story so thank you for your writing.

Take your time. Look for familiar things.

This is truly the best thing I have ever come upon.

A few chapters ago, you mentioned something about the chapters’ names. I think I may know the meanings of them for they are in multiple different languages, each containing the meaning of each chapter. For instance, the word ‘Órama’ meaning ‘Vision’ in Greek proved that indeed, in that chapter, Celestia and Ford see a vision of the future after drinking water from the pond. 🙂

Yup, you gotta pay it to him. He was a great man.

This has brought many smiles upon my face and I am glad to say that this is THE BEST thing ever.

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