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It's Apple Reunion Day again. But something is different about the family matriarch, Granny Smith. Everypony knows it... apart from her.

Something I wrote on a whim.

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Oddly.....I actually thought Scootaloo was in this instead of Babs.

Note to self: check character tags first

8017038 That's usually a good idea... :raritywink:

8017038 Hey, I made the same mistake you did at first. Took me a little bit to realize it was Babs and not Scootaloo. :twilightsheepish:

This hurts.

I recently lost a friend of mine who, after a severe heart attack, began to slip away in just such a fashion. Watching the kind man I knew slip away into confusion and frustration was agonizing.

May Granny Apple go gently into that good night, and may it treat her kindly.

Oh... It's Dementia... For a second there, I thought that Granny was dead.

Great story nonetheless.

I find myself being led outside to a wagon being pulled by some strong, muscular stallions, including Big Red from earlier. Coo-ee, cutie! Remember me? He looks embarrassed by my teasing, bless his little heart. What a sweetie. He'll be mine soon enough...

I.. think Big Mac will need extra therapy after this. :applejackconfused::pinkiesick:

Wow that was a sad story (and I mean that in a good way). While felt a bit repetitive, yet that only added to the closness you felt to the story being told through the eyes of an mentallly ill person. You as the reader could comprehend what was going on around her, while she couldn't which let you feel the sadness of all the other family members. Again a good story that touched me emotianlly. Keep the good work up.

8017702 SSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Don't give 'em any ideas!

I agree wit most of is very nice and sad. Good way to She she can't remember

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