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Impossible Numbers

"Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, Old Time is still a-flying, And this same flower that smiles today, Tomorrow will be dying."



What!? Oh. Minuette. It’s just you. What the hay are you doing? How did you even get in my house?”

“Ye-heh! Just little old me. Sorry, did I interrupt your reading? I just wondered where you’d b–”

“My next question is: Why are you here? Sorry, sorry, that came out wrong. I meant: What brings you here, Minuette? Uh… 'my little friend'… you…?”

“It’s OK. It’s just… only… you know there’s a party on right now?”

Originally intended for Loganberry's Flashfic 150, February 2021: "Two Truths and a Lie" event.

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Aww.... Dancer-chan. I kind of want to go on a Mio Kisaragi date and just happily sit and watch her read. Maybe inch closer and cuddle up next to her.

This was pretty cute.

Well. Now I'm going to add that to my shelf of Imaginary Books I Wish I Could Read. :twilightsmile:


Man, if Moondancer had a hard enough time with friendship, I can only imagine the tensions involved in romance. Although she does have a bookish charm, yes, she's not exactly frail from anaemia... :rainbowlaugh:


:scootangel: Thanks! I like the idea that Moondancer struggles a bit to get back into the friendship game even after her reconciliation with Twilight, not least of all because she can get a bit impatient. And Minuette is basically the backup Element of Laughter, in my mind, if you interpret "laughter" as "optimism and good cheer".


You mean the fic, or one of the books mentioned in it? Kinda seems ambiguous from where I'm standing.

The book on sand.

I sometimes do that when I’m really into a good Celestia thriller.

Wait, is there an entire genre of novels where Celestia is a secret agent? Because she may have some issues with blending into a crowd...

In any case, lovely bit of interaction, especially as Moondancer comes out of her study fugue. Thank you for it.


I'll happily bring back the old fan theory that Celestia sometimes disguises herself with magic in order to mingle with the rest of Equestria. Or else you could imagine the series as "James Bond, but told from Q's point-of-view". It sort of worked for Skyfall.

Anyway, you can't tell me Celestia isn't the target of political conspiracies. She's had a thousand years to take all comers, after all. Plenty of fuel for a thriller series, I should think. :rainbowdetermined2:

Don't know if I'd classify it as a fugue state, but one thing that struck me about "Amending Fences" is just how much trouble Moondancer will have adjusting from library shut-in to accepted friend again. Bound to be some lapses sooner or later, especially since her studiousness was what helped her bond with Twilight in the first place, as well as its becoming an apparent "addiction" helping her emotional retreat.

Alas, Twilight never fully recovered from her own book addiction. She's still in denial about it. :trollestia:

This is a nice story and I like how Moondancer realizes that she isn't being a good friend and tries to make up for it. It's also nice how supportive Minuette is which is fitting for her.


I had planned to expand on their friendship a bit more, but that'd involve a much more ambitious story, and my track record for those is spotty at best. This proved a good chance to get the basics down: as I mentioned above, I think it's likely Moondancer will have problems getting back into the friendship game. And she's amazingly lucky to have someone like Minuette in her corner (seriously, Minuette in that episode has the patience of a saint).

Thanks for the comment, and I'm pleased to see you liked this one. :twilightsmile:

Pony: can I have a Minuette of your time?
Minuette: that's it! I change my name back to Colgate!

The story is kinda sad.
Reminds me of talking to elderly who simply drift off.....:((

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