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Princess Luna, the mare of the night, has descended into the bitter rage that has reshaped and renamed her as Nightmare Moon. But this dark force is quickly dispatched by her sister, Celestia, to the moon, where she will remain for a thousand years. But that imprisonment has only just begun, and during that time the vanquished Princess has much to think about.

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I never read any of the comics so I don't know what the canon is, but I enjoyed this story. I love how Nightmare Moon comes to the realisation of what her prison is and also the ironic nature of it. It casts Nightmare Moon/Luna in a more sympathetic light while also showing her dark side, overall a great prelude to episode 1:twilightsmile:

I definitely prefer this version to the FIENDship issue. A bunch of lunar Care Bears concocting dreams never sat well with me, to say nothing of the distinction between being trapped on the moon versus being trapped in it. A good demonstration of the latter. Thank you for the story.

Very nicely done. A good insight into Nightmare Moon at the very beginning of her banishment.

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