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Impossible Numbers

"Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, Old Time is still a-flying, And this same flower that smiles today, Tomorrow will be dying."


Economic Fact of Life #1: A pony in Equestria should always check their own name before applying for a job.

Economic Fact of Life #2: You will successfully not die if you refrain from mentioning Ooh La La in Filthy Rich's face.

Economic Fact of Life #3: Movies are the opium of the working class.

Economic Fact of Life #4: You cannot solve all your financial problems with carrot cake.

Economic Fact of Life #5: Finding a good job is haaarrrd. But...

Economic Fact of Life #6: ...sometimes you get one by pure, blind luck.

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I'm impressed. Parcel Post may rival Trick Question's Candy Mane for least intelligent citizen of Ponyville. Rare is the skull so thick that even destiny has trouble getting through it. All told, a delightful little tale of an unclever pony in the friendliest town in the world. Thank you for it.


When Destiny sends out the Call, it has no idea what to do about someone who leaves a note on the door saying, "Gone out to lunch. Will be back later. Please leave any and all messages with landlady." :rainbowlaugh:

Thick as a post, is he?

After the first few days, he was threatened with legal action from a post pony one town over, but he simply changed to humming the tune quietly.

That will teach him not to drink and drive

It's neat how many kid's shows could genuinely be ponyfied and dropped into Equestria with no portals required. Can't help feeling a Firemage Sam is out there somewhere now or that Ponyville's closest neighbour is Camberwick Green.

Great pacing, delightful jokes that stick the landing and a protagonist you can enjoy even if like would be too strong a word. Wanna give this a more through run down to appreciate what I think makes it work so well, but that would mostly involve quotes that add on jokes to your already finished jokes and that's needless. Hope "Good job!" is enough.

EDIT: Is that a Eulalie reference?


Ever since Parcel Post joined the list of tagged characters, I've wanted to make a Postman Pat reference somewhere. It slots so neatly into the children's entertainment world of Equestria (and oh gosh, Camberwick Green, now that takes me back...).

"Good job!" is more than enough. It's the ultimate sign I'm doing something right, and any praise above and beyond that is icing on the cake. Although the icing is my favourite part of a cake... :trollestia: I'm just happy to see you liked the story so much.

Well, actually, that reference is 100% a Eulalie reference. Jeeves and Wooster is still one of my favourite go-to comedy shows, and the idea of using the trick on Filthy Rich was too good to pass up, especially the anticlimactic way that particular story beat would end up working in an open-minded place like Equestria.

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