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Moondancer may know the principles of magic and science like the back of her hoof, but when it comes to the principles of friendship, she's objectively hopeless. Even so, there's one special unicorn who she's shared a close connection with since foalhood.

With the encouragement of her almost-friend Minuette, and the guidance of somepony she never expected, Moondancer is prepared to do everything in her power to find out just how close that connection truly is.

All she has to do is overcome her fear of putting herself out there...

...and get Twilight Sparkle's attention while she's at it.

Editing duties courtesy of nanashi_jones. Cover art graciously provided by hoyeechun.
Special thanks to Fahrenheit for extra input and motivation.

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Yeah, I'm pretty consistent and unsurprising, aren't I?


6312579 Hey, write what you're good at and enjoy.

I'll admit, this story was emotional in a good way and a joy to read. The Moondancer x Twilight Sparkle premise drew me in, and the fantastic writing and execution kept me invested from start to finish. You played with the reader's emotions perfectly, whether for joyful moments or depressing ones. Well done. :twilightsmile:

Can't fave this enough!!!!


And then Twilight never shows and Moondancer's heart is broken FOREVER.

Oh... OH.... OH GOSH, this is pre-series.

This can't end well.

It's all falling into place... Everyone, prepare for incoming heartbreak!

That characterization of Princess Celestia?
Nailed it.

This paring took off fast. O_O

How does Twilight squeeze anything with only one hoof?

Oh, man.

I just knew this had to be a dream. Her hopes are so high, poor thing. And that's going to make this worse.

6312884 I KNOW, right?

Seriously, Bookish, your Celestia is pure joy. In fact, I think of EG Principal Celestia as being like yours instead of the official version. Yours is so much better.

As for Moondancer--the love scene between her and Twilight was warm and sweet, and yes, sexy, but still with that overtone that this dream wouldn't come true. I'm glad you ended it on that hopeful note, even if it was false hope.

Okay, a story set BEFORE episode one. Cool! I'll definitely read all of this to see where it goes. (Even though I haven't seen the episode about Canterlot and Twilight's old friends... <.< )

a slightly larger than average pony with horns and a wing.

This is the most hilarious typo I've ever seen.

Bookish wrote Moonlight? Bookish wrote Moonlight!

<Squee> :rainbowkiss:

Ah, I've been waiting for this — MOONLIGHT

Have to tackle it later once I get home, though — MOONLIGHT

Way looking forward to it — MOONLIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT


Thanks, and I'l do you one better: I actually almost "corrected" it with "a wing and horns" just now.

That's where a 36-hour all-nighter at an airport will get you, kids!


Same way ponies grab hold of objects with one hoof in the show. I don't make the rules. :pinkiecrazy:

6312828 UNLESS! Unless... It's Alternate Universe, and the author just forgot that tag... *Can be stupidly optimistic at times*

Oh no, I'm going to be sad... D:

At first I was thinking this was a happy alternate universe...

Then my heart broke.

It was so cute, and sweet, and warming...

And heartbreaking... :fluttercry:

:D Yessss the rest of it is just as goooood

I love how you ended this. Such delicious dramatic irony, but still with happy endings all around. Plus, Moonlight. :raritystarry:


You ACTUALLY made me think this MIGHT end well. I only have one thing to say about this ending.

Though it was still well-written and stuff so I'm still going to like this, even if I AM pissed at the ending. >:[

Oh crap. I just realized what this is. :twilightoops:

She had a party to prepare for, after all.

I should have known it was too good to be true. :raritycry:

You are an evil genius. Many not so manly tears were shed this day.

Read, and now that's it's read, I almost want to kick you.

But only almost.

This was so sweet, yet so sad... Wahhh, I need a sequel. Moonlight is best ship!

Why, Bookish...why do you leave me with the knowledge that Twilight didn't even show up, and that she left for Ponyville and all but forgot about her in a few days...

Welp, there goes whatever self esteem she had left.

This was sweet, and sad, and sweetly sad. Nicely done, even knowing how it would end (considering there was no AU tag), you sucked me in and made me hope :twilightsmile:

Pre season one?
This is going to hurt like a motherfucker, isn't it?

Bookish wrote a Moonlight fic?


*Scurries off to read*

So this is what it feels like, to have your soul crushed and ground into dust.

Aaaaand now I feel sad...
Also, Celestia, you're evil:fluttershbad:
I mean really, you knew you'd send Twilight to Ponyville AND you knew Moondancer would host a party for her friends. Sigh, oh well cute story none the less.

Best regards

Oh god my feels. :fluttershbad:

(Bookish sitting at her computer writing this chapter)


(At this point, Bookish remembers she isn't actually an evil mastermind, and returns to her writing.)


To be fair, Twilight decided not to go to Moondancer's party to research the Elements of Harmony. Celestia might have been planning to wait until after the party to send Twilight to Ponyville, but had no choice in the matter after Twilight sent her the letter.

So, when do we see the sequel in which Moondancer, post Amending Fences, works up the nerve to talk to Twilight about her crush?

It's astounding how knowing a little snippet of adventitious action of the very first episode of FiM changes the tone of this story from fluffy to depressing. Very well done.

She had a party to prepare for, after all.

God damn I think this made me cry :fluttercry:

That was masterfully written. You monster.

6313350 It's sad because we already know the ending. This is just adding salt to the wound.

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