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Impossible Numbers

Don't give up… unless you're being stupidly stubborn. Don't give in… unless you're being hopelessly unhelpful. Know when to fold 'em. Know when to back down. Above all, learn a little strategy.


On the day of Equestria's first Winter Wrap-Up, the pegasus once known as Private Pansy – now promoted to Captain Pansy – leaves the celebrations early to face her former commander. Who is now in prison.

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Pretty decent, but then again I always had a weakness for historical fics.

Good job!


Oh, I'm fascinated by the history of Equestria myself, especially the Hearth's Warming story. I'd like to write a fic for each of the founders. And thank you for the comment! It is much appreciated. :scootangel:

A well told tale. It is little surprise that Hurricane had that much difficulty in accepting the changes in 'the way of things'. Also no surprise that Pansy would be the only pony who actually could face her.


Agreed: the ending of the Hearth's Warming Eve pageant is too tidy, especially when you've got an enthusiastic warmonger among the founders. There must be complications the story glosses over.

I'm not sure Pansy's the only one that could face her; I could imagine someone like Star Swirl or even one of Pansy's other friends standing up to her. But given Pansy's pacifistic outlook, given that she was the first to make peace with the other tribes, and given that she knew the commander the longest, I think she definitely was ideally placed to cut through Hurricane's bravado.

Also, thanks for the comment. :scootangel:

Niiice. I'm afraid I don't have any feedback but it was a good read. I liked it.


No worries; a simple appreciative comment is a fine thing in itself. Thank you. :twilightsmile:

I've said it before and I'll say it again, there should be more stories about the "6 Founders" (or whatever the community calls them)


Too true. I myself need to get out there some ideas I've had for each of them. Perhaps with the legends of the Pillars now out there, we'll see more interest in the historical figures in general. Here's hoping, at any rate.

Official materials confirmed Hurricane and Clover as male, though they contradict each other.

Was this an intentional deviation, like in the actual play, or what?

Good story though.


Was this an intentional deviation, like in the actual play, or what?

Yes: from the debut episode onwards, I've always assumed the founders were all female, and the idea is still firmly stuck in my head. Official sources notwithstanding, I don't feel any pressing need to change it.

Good story though.

Thanks! :scootangel:

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