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Hi! I'm an MtF transexual who writes a lot of fics! I hope you all really enjoy my work (though i have a tendency to not update certain stories for long stretches of time... Anyway! I like adventres!


This story is a sequel to Rainbow Dash, Element of Magic

Princess Cadence has asked Rainbow Dash and ehr friends to perform in a play for Hearth's Warming Eve. However, this seemingly familiar tale has a few unexpected twists.

As harsh winter threatens the lives of everypony, only three pony's of the three warring races can save the day, however they must contend with the machinations of the cold-hearted Commander Hurricane.

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Hey there. I have to admit, I AM rather intrigued by this. I mean, I know things are going to turn out all right in the end, but excellent job on the emotional content. I'll definitely be looking forward to more of this as soon as time and inspiration will allow.

5970986 hehe thans for your kind words and understanding I AM working on the next chapter, as well as another story set in the same universe

You're quite welcome.

Well this will turn out to be an interesting take on the Hearth's Warming tale.

6349836 XD I hope so at least

6350166 I'm sure it will

Okay so Celestia's related to Puddinghead Pansy and Platinum.

My reaction to what happened to Commander Hurricane: Windigos win fatality

Hurricane met the same fate as everyone else who tries to abuse the ancient powers of forces he doesn't understand: he gets burned. or, more appropriately, he got FROZEN, TODAY!

and to clarify, Platinum and Pansy are the Princesses' parents, and Puddinghead was more of an honourary uncle.

Also: the Windigoes are pieces of the ultimate villain of this setting. They are his Breath which fans the flames of hatred.

The jester of shadows is he a piece too?

The Shadow Jester is actually the original being, yes, the pieces are the parts of his body torn off of him and scattered during his fight with Discord

so so far only Pansy and Platinum have good hearts

Puddinghead might be nicer if his actress wasn't such a grump

So, just to get it straight, Platinum and Pansy are Luna’s and Celestia’s moms, but they call one of them father?

Also, so glad to see this finished! Just what I needed to dive back into this series.

Edit: I can’t belive it took me almost a year to see this updated. :pinkiegasp: I thought it was in my tracking list!

ahaha no worries, it happens.

and what Luna and Celestia call their parents is actually inconsistent as I distinctly remember one story where one of them refers to them both as 'mother', but yeah Luna and Celestia see Pansy as their Father in most circumstances, as Platinum was the one who birthed them.

Don't ask how that works. Magic, I suppose.

no worries, hope ya liked this story and any future stories you read!

I did post a reading order in the forums for the RiMverse group, incase that helps

I wouldn't say Clover is cruel, just a little racist, which at this time is normal.

yeah pretty much, it's just Clover doesn't THINK her attitude is a problem.

SPOIELRS: it'll only get worse

Pansy looked at Platinum and Puddinghead

This version of Hearths Warming is brought to you by the letter "P"

XD purely coincidence I assure you

Well, Hurricane's quite the asshole. Also, I sense a frame job at the end there.

Hurricane IS an asshole! : D

Hoo, boy. Playing right into Hurricane's hooves. And the windigo's, too.

Okay, pretty good. Thanks for tossing me the link. Much appreciated. :)

no worries glad ya like : 3

Nice Pocahantas reference with the Savages song, perfect song to parody for this situation.

just thought it fit perfectly :3

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