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Are you a caregiver, help take care of someone, have family or friends that require care, or even just want to support those who take on that responsibility? Then this is the group for you. Hope, Love, and Care is a support group for those in need. Caregiving can seem like one of the hardest jobs there is. It's depressing, frustrating, and undervalued. More often than not, it's the caregiver that requires a shoulder to lean on. They need support themselves, and this is why were here.

No fighting.
Do not post NSFW images
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And finally no Spamming. Your thread will be either locked or deleted if an admin considers it spam.

Any violation of the rules, will result in a ban. Lastly, I just ask that you provide support. This life isn't easy, so any support, love, care, and advice is greatly welcomed.

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Is the group dead

Joined! Always happy to show my appreciation, and to salute the great and important work of tireless caretakers. Even if I'm not one myself, I admire such dedication and altruism. :rainbowdetermined2:

414430 Yay! I helped! By the way...who is that as your avatar?

You're thread will be either locked or deleted if an admin considers it spam.

That would be Your, not You're. Sorry.

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