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After his journey through Equestria, the one realm in the Big World where the ponies live, Seabreeze has become a figure of awe and respect among the other Breezies.  Much to his annoyance: he just wants to spend some quality time with his family, and he has no desire whatsoever to get roped into so-called adventures. Or so he tells himself.

Once the next Forage begins, he naturally chooses to stay behind and so return to a normal life, free from excitement and terror and dangerous creatures. However, when an intruder rushes into the little village – and is, to everyone's surprise, successfully captured by the Breezies – poor Seabreeze is thrown into the midst of a mysterious and ancient conflict that just screams "ADVENTURE". Things only get worse from there...

Cover Design courtesy of Novel-Idea.

Written as part of National Pony Writing Month 2016.

First Published
11th Nov 2016
Last Modified
29th Nov 2016

Do changelings appear in this story?


Sorry, but no. The title refers to a different hive altogether, as well as a game in the breezie world called Hive Versus Hive. Besides, I would've added the "changeling" tag if they were a prominent part of the story.

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Interesting story so far.

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Thanks! :scootangel: Should be another chapter out either tonight or tomorrow night. Definitely soon.

So, things are coming together for seabreeze. Progress, not malice, hug? Flutterpony burden anyone?


Flutterpony burden anyone?

Oh yes, that was one of the things that I enjoyed about writing this chapter. It shows how the Flutter Ponies are convinced they're doing the right thing, even while they're coming across as greedy and threatening to Seabreeze.

Seabreeze: Breezie of action!

Here's a heads-up for those following this story: it might be a while before I update this one again, though it will be done before the end of the month. In the meantime, I'll be focusing on another project, the details of which will be clarified in my blog post today.

Apologies in advance for the break in the posting routine. Trust me, it will be continued soon, since the draft is finished and I merely need to perform some minor editing first. Until then, enjoy the tenth chapter! :scootangel:

Well, I think you've waited long enough. We're entering the final run now, so I should have the ending published before the start of December. Until then, please enjoy the eleventh chapter. :scootangel:

EDIT: Interesting fact of the day: as of 28/11/2016, this is now the longest Seabreeze story on the site. That said, there are only twenty in total, on a site containing over 85,000 stories. Poor devil doesn't get nearly as much attention as he should.

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