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Impossible Numbers

"Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, Old Time is still a-flying, And this same flower that smiles today, Tomorrow will be dying."

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Don't have time to read. but i can tell from the writiing style that it's good. You get my like now and a read later.

This is gonna be good...

Iron Will's earlier seminars prior to the Fluttershy incident involved turning creatures into complete douche bags.

This was amazing, I don't even know where to being with this, I felt exhilarated while reading this. Exhilarated sir. I was eating up every line, every Iron Will quote, all the interaction. I only have one word for this type of work, and that word is perfect. Khorosho comrade, keep up the fuck yessitude.

Haha! That was great! I think you captured the characters of Gilda and Iron Will very nicely-- and this is exactly how I'd expect an interaction between them to go. Bravo!

inb4 rush of comments from being featured in the review thing

... Alright, that was bucking awesome. VERY well done!

Hoo-ah. Iron Will says, if you're gonna be the boss, show it to every hoss!
I'm not sure, though. Does this take place before or after Gilda's episode? 'Cause I'm not sure what that accomplished.

Gilda blinked at him as though he had just declared her a chicken. "What?"

(Pic from gilda-replies on tumblr)

Well, this is a nice surprise! Thank you to those who gave this work some publicity, and I hope those who read it enjoyed it!:pinkiesmile:


It takes place long before the episode, when Iron Will is just starting his seminars. In this fic's "canon", Gilda was one of his earlier clients and practically formed the basis for his later work. I put in one or two clues, such as Rainbow still being a filly and Iron Will just coining his "block/rock" catchphrase, and also in the summary on the front page, as in "young" Iron Will's "fledgeling" workshop.

Also I LOL'd at the tumblr pic. :rainbowlaugh:

Author Interviewer

Hey, this was pretty cool. :) Good interaction between the two, and lots of hilarious Iron Will rhymes. I'm not quite sure where this fits in timeline-wise to the show, but I'm guessing somewhere before the series starts? Or at least before Putting Your Hoof Down. Am I right?

"Ex-cuse me?"

“Excuse” needs no hyphen.


"Well, I guess I feel, uh... I feel..."

Do you follow ellipses with spaces, or don’t you?

Til next week, kid!

You should give “til” an apostrophe to make it “’til”, which is an abbreviation of “until”, or give it an L to make it “till”, which is its own word; either works.


Yes, that's correct. It's kind of a mock explanation for why Gilda's such a jerk. :scootangel: And I'm glad you enjoyed the fic!


The hyphen in "ex-cuse" was deliberately done to show how Gilda pronounced the word. I've put it in italics now to make it clearer. Everything else was an error on my part, though, so I've corrected it. Thanks for pointing these errors out for me. :pinkiesmile:

This is so well written, pure genius!

Author Interviewer

I gotta hand it to you, this is still funny. :D


You read it twice? :rainbowhuh: I thought you'd have a big enough job reading fics once, considering the quantity of those you get through.

Author Interviewer

Doin' a thing! :V

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