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Gilda is down on her luck, and the one pony she has to blame for it might just be her salvation. Normally, though, "salvation" does not include serial arson. Of course, when it's Pinkie Pie, who knows what kind of craziness will ensue? Add a little bit of romance, idiotic cultural references, a plan to wipe out capitalism, and maybe a bit of magic can seep in.

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:derpyderp2: What the flying fuck did I just read? :derpyderp1:

Probably one of the weirdest stories I've ever read...

It needs to continue.

:pinkiecrazy: Viva la Revolución!

hmm, ok, I'm curious enough to read, will track now and read later :scootangel:

So pinki and gilda are anarchists shookingly it works

Thanks, you guys! This story is finished, actually. If I ever did go back and polish it up, it would be after the three or four other fanfics I have planned after I finish my current one. So highly unlikely.
Also, I appreciate all of your what-the-fuck responses. Probably more than I should :pinkiecrazy:

Favorited and thumbs up'd,
Cool story bro

Crazy Pinkie Pie, wanting to burn the established order. Funny and Crazy. Also I was asking myself what I was reading, but decided that asking questions was silly, I must simply enjoy the madness :pinkiecrazy:.

Fun story, put me in mind of Fight Club with Pinkie targeting Banks and insurance firms.:rainbowdetermined2:

This.... should not work.
The fact it does is a credit to your skills. Pinkie Pie does have the ability to switch between cartoonish and mastermind (as "A Friend In Deed" highlighted) and Gilda somehow feels in character as well. After all, despite the fact she's a fairly bitter, angry person the entire reason she came to Ponyville was to reconnect with an old friend (she didn't even seem to have business as an excuse) so I can see her clinging on to someone like this.

This… was strange. I’m not sure if I liked it or not, but it most certainly was fairly unique. The story is just weird, I guess if you’re one of those who believe Celestia to be a tyrant god, it’ll make more sense.

The characterization on Gilda is kinda nice. She’s a little more… psycho than I would like normally. She comes across as a disturbed and angry person who’s any affections are deeply hidden.

In a way, this is a story about taking responsibility for your mistakes and moving on. It’s a love story. With serial arson.

That was the best story ever. Quentin and Shakespear and buttfuck eachother in their little happy corner, because there is no possible way anything could possibly top this masterpiece. :pinkiecrazy:

I have two problems with this story.

First of all, it's too short.
Secondly, it ends.


Doesn't part of each problem build off the other?

Oh, wow! Yeah, I'm late as hell to the party, but still glad I came! Did NOT expect this to work as well as it should have. Mad props for this!

I was honestly expecting a kind of Tyler Durden-esqe twist, where Pinky was all in Gilda's head, but what we have here works really well. Yeah, nicely done all around.

This Pinkie is principled and mad.
This Gilda is relatively sane but cruel, complacent, doesn't really know herself, and is very lonely.
Seeing these two interact was very fun.
The chemistry between the two of them is sad and interesting.
and yet I do not feel depressed after reading it. Perhaps because I'm not thinking as deeply into it as I do with other works that drive the "tragedy" of the whole thing home. Instead of feeling depressed I feel amused and made to think.
Thank you for writing this.

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