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When the Crystal Empire reappeared, nopony realised that in its absence
the frozen 'wasteland' where it once was had actually been claimed. Taking
the sudden colony on their land as an act of war, hostile griffins invade
Equestria in retaliation for the loss of territory. King Claw sends spies
to steal the Elements of Harmony so the ponies can't use them, plus
assassins with expertise in both magic and poisons to remove Celestia and
Luna first. In the midst of the invasion Twilight uses every scrap of magic
she can to teleport the injured alicorns, herself, Applejack and Rarity far
away from the danger - a plan that works only up to the point where she
faints and they are flung into the ether with no way of knowing where in
Equestria they'll end up. Separated and not knowing who has survived, the
ponies must reunite and find the Elements to win back their land before it
and its citizens become just a griffin hunting ground. Yet Pinkie Pie can't
remember who she is and must rely on a stranger to protect her, Fluttershy
has to hide her identity, and Rainbow Dash sees an old friend in the
griffin ranks that makes her question where her loyalty lies when she needs
it most.

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 40 )

Dat watermarked coverpic.


'eh not bad but maybe it could use a little less.... aggression?

Finished? Is it posed to be a cliff-hanger? We need a trilogy. :flutterrage:

It's great as is but I think this has a lot of potential. It'd be great if you turned this into a multichapter.

I feel so bad for them...hopefully it has a happy ending, right? :fluttercry::fluttercry::applecry::raritydespair::raritycry:

:rainbowderp: a Nuclier explosion of Magic happened


Loving the character development

I am really interested in seeing Pinkie interact with Gilda. Will Pinkie still try to make friends with Gilda like before or will she give up? Of course we need to see Pinkie alive at this point...

all i can say is i hope the ponies win in the end :P great story.

this story is amazing! :raritystarry: keep it up friend!


dont send a letter canterlot!!!! -face desk- :ajbemused: loving this i hope ponies win.


Thank you. :twilightsmile: I'm glad you're enjoying this. It certainly is a blast to write and it's nice to know people are enjoying reading it as much as I am writing it. :pinkiehappy:


I can't say much yet, but if you think Pinkie has it bad, just wait and see what poor Fluttershy is going through.


And I'm bucking glad you do! :raritywink: Seriously though, I'm glad you're enjoying this. It certainly is a blast to write and it's nice to know people are enjoying reading it as much as I am writing it. :twilightsmile:

ugh i want moar lol atleast your putting out ate a nice rate :twilightsmile: keep up the good work i can't wait to see where this goes, i hope the ponies win :pinkiesad2:

ooo night guard? :rainbowderp: meyne but i sense an ally for the ponies :rainbowkiss:

Comment posted by Eurobeat11 deleted Jan 4th, 2013

That was Pinkie?
I'm an idiot. :rainbowkiss:

NO! They'll find the princess!
*table flip* :flutterrage:

touche means 'You hurt me' not we are even. Sorry. :twilightsmile:

Flying? Golden eyes?
This might be a spoiler but,

I think its Celestia's phoenix!

sigh.. when will the ponies start taking back equestrisa :ajsleepy: oh well good chapter of detailing.

I would caution against making one side totally evil - every race has their own jerks and saints.

Gilda has more depth, but I'm sure she's not the only one who has second thoughts.

oh yea now we get some answers

Oh my goodness I cannot wait for more this is absolutely a fantastic story and I thank you for providing us with an awesome tale

Hope you get back to this at some point Scribbler I Really hope you do cus this is grate story. I cant wait to see how it goes.

I was going through some of the stories I have on follow, but hadn't been updated in a while. I came across this one and had to reread it. It is such a great story so far it is for sure in my top 5 of stories I would like to see finished

Update this awesome!!! mother fucking story please!!!!

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