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My stories are converted from greentext, so take that into account. Also all my characters name's are Anon. It's an /mlp/ thing.


  • TAvian Politics
    Following the events of Soft Diplomacy, Anon's spent his months working his dead-end job, but he's fine with that. In fact, everything looks good for Anon. However, fate is a cruel mistress, and when he follows his friends, he sets out on a
    Bastinator · 33k words  ·  44  4 · 908 views

After arriving in Equestria, Anon was at the mercy of life. He has a crap job, a boring life and he can't even speak up for himself if his life depended on it, but books have always been there for him. What if they got the attention of royalty?

Chapters (17)
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Comments ( 90 )

......I.....want more?:rainbowhuh:..... god help me, I do.....:applejackconfused:

well...I be here then....waiting for another chapter:twilightsheepish:


Oh,that scumbag will be getting it.

Long live Anon and his hopefully soon-to-be-tsundere adventures!

A truley interesting fic, I NEED MORE!!!

A original character like this is Always a pleasure Reading about, his flaws outweights all his good Points yet he still make it work.

And now they send him to Ponyville.
Also doormat-ese is tooth-grindingly painful to read.
Anon, this is what we like to call a spine, get one.

Damn Celestia, you are SUCH a troll!!

1. Stop spelling pony with a ZERO REPLACING THE "O"

2. Why'd you make Anon (teeth grinding!) such a little bitch. He's a fucking doormat.

1. I spelled it with a 0 because back in the day on /mlp/ anytime you used the word 'pony' it would be labeled as spam, so that was our work around. I'll see about fixing this though.

2. Because that was the point. Having the main character, who isn't equipped to be put in this type of situation, be forced to come out of his shell.

Maybe add in some visual break when locations or time changes. A few times now ive been a little lost by the sudden change in location. Also you seem to be painting anon as a pussy, not sure where this is going but it isnt an endearing trait.

Yeah, sorry about that. I've always been told I have a nasty habit using flashbacks and timeskips poorly, and yes, his characterization is going somewhere.

3517831 Its an interesting story, might I suggest the use of three tilde key symbols to signify a change in location or time.

Gotcha. I'll do that when I can.

Loved this chapter, it was so much fun!

Im just waiting for him to snap and call her out for being a overly harsh,over-critical,Cynical bitch

You quickly shake her hand


GRAH! Thanks, there's always little mistakes like those that fall through the cracks.

A little confusing at times but I liked the gist of this chapter

Welp,I can see him becoming chaotic good/neutral

Oh Discord, you manepulative troll you.

Can't help but Think that he is REALLY Walking on a thin line here, Celestia may not like of all the things he has or will pull in the future.

Awwwwww, the way you describes Gildas mom, it just cut straight throu my heart.

Welp,I can tell where anon's salary is going towards

”Nonsense! These men are tired and could use a warm meal,” Iron Will persuades.

“This isn’t 300. The men were made aware of this before their venture.

Thats the thing,Im pretty sure that herbivore equines,Celestia included,Have the natural aggression that can help or hinder in these situations

Awsome! usally i loathe Everything that's related o politics but you make it so interesting in this fic.

Dafuq happened to him inbetween chapters? It is like someone grew his balls a little too much for a confidence boost. When is someone gonna pop that hot air balloon of his?

but it could feed a family for week, two if they don’t like their kids too much.

I approve of the Firefly reference.

sounds like cocaine in a shot. Is there such a thing?

So he replaced his balls with steel ball bearings?

Damn discord really fucked him up didn't he?

Can't really blame Discord. It was all Anon's choice.

He realised he acted like a plot hole? There is hope yet.

Yay,He realised he was becoming worse than blueblood,And is trying to stop it!

This is why i hate politics

This has gone from a timid and shy kind man, to a big old douche, celestia ruined him from the very first drink,ugh annon should of stayed quiet:facehoof::ajsleepy:

please let him do the right thing and confess to celestia.

Anon is in for it now......loved the whole "Pablo" thing, that was brilliant.

Ok,Now im just reminded of doctor who,with the doctor finding Alonzo

Hunh,The whole multiple endings thing kinda reminded me of New Vegas,But all in all,Quite a good story.Well played,Bastinator,Well played


I liked the whole multiple ending thing, put several things in perspective.

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