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Sometimes, we forget about our heritage. Sometimes, we forget about who we really are.

Sometimes, all we need is a little reminder.

Submitted for the World-Building Alliance's June contest

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Bah! You tease us with morsels, Fang!

As always, your story is well-written, and provides insight into the customs and mindset of a race that most see as just avaricious. I enjoyed the characters of Peony and Tumble, and wouldn't mind reading more about them, and how they came to be siblings.

A solid read, man. Cheers! :moustache:

Once again, I am growing to like Peony and Tumble. The duo who can't be stopped. :rainbowkiss:

Author Interviewer

Pfft, you have nothing to worry about, you silly. :V

This story need to loose 2 words. ┬┐Does anypony know why it needs to loose 2 words?

Beautiful. Thank you for this.

The Diamond Dogs need another episode.

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