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When Twilight Sparkle suggested they all go see the new racy movie that just came out of Canterlot, Dash was all for it. Now she and her friends have to sit through a horror movie that also has kissing and hugging and all kinds of weird stuff. No pairing. It's a Bible Black fusion that doesn't get cloppy, though it does poke fun at the tropes of pony clop.

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Oh man, I remember reading this on FF.net.

It's still funny as hell.


Hehehe...I think you could have ended the story with something funnier. Like, the CMC sneak outside at night, or something.

The Cupcakes joke was obvious all the way from Pinkie's first appearance, but it was fun... And thanks God it didn't contained stuff from the actual thing. Although I had a bucket ready just in case. And I almost didn't use it!

Awesome story.. funny as heck :pinkiehappy:

Author Interviewer

Heard a reading of this on YouTube, thought I'd comment.

As a story, this is pretty unfocused, though I'll say it's a neat way to work a crossover. The characters' reactions were the interesting part. In particular, Pinkie being completely unfazed by the whole thing was amusing, though if that was a Cupcakes reference at the end, I'll be sad. Likewise, the use of the CMCs was funny, while the use of Fluttershy's speed critique joke from the show was not.

In all, I have definitely seen worse, and like I said, a really interesting setup for a crossover. (Now the reading, that was bad!)

One of my favorite fics from back in the day. Awesome.

Hilarious! Greenthumbed

Fluttershy for the win there at the end

WezaQ #9 · Dec 17th, 2012 · · 1 ·

Why was I told to read this? It's not very good.

Okay, to be fair, the characters seem 100% accurate, the problem is the humor and the execution.
The jokes are mostly flat, especially the Fluttershy rant at the end.
The premise, while strange enough to hold promise, wasn't used to it's full extent imo. The story could have been a bit longer with a bit more actual crossover, in the end this would work just as well having been about any other thing that might be considered raunchy, in other words, 'This is Bible Black why?'.
As I said though, I feel you got the characters down well, which is better than most out there.


Applejack to Applebloom, "We’ll let Momma sort this out."

Umm, wut?
You know their parents aren't around right? They're most likely dead infact...

Frankly, the director should go back to his serious works, or possibly even remedial film school.

Damn, Flutters. That's harsh shit right there.

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