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Impossible Numbers

Don't give up… unless you're being stupidly stubborn. Don't give in… unless you're being hopelessly unhelpful. Know when to fold 'em. Know when to back down. Above all, learn a little strategy.


Roseluck: arguably the smartest, bravest, and most outgoing of the three, though that isn't saying much, given the competition.

Lily: a paranoid nutcase with both a severe desire for attention and, unfortunately, an equally severe case of social anxiety.

Daisy: the bland, sensible one who runs things in the background, pretending she isn't as terrified as the rest of them.

Together, they are the Flower Trio, as craven a bunch of marginals as one could hope to find. At least they have each other. But the business slump and their own trigger-happy neuroses combine into a swarm of pests, devouring the flowers of their friendship, slowly but surely destroying something beautiful and precious.

Just when they're hoping it won't get any worse, Daisy falls into a deep sleep at the counter of the florist's. She doesn't wake up.

Now it's up to her friends, Lily, Roseluck, and Doc – the most scientifically gifted pony in Ponyville who isn't Twilight Sparkle – to find out what's going on in her mind… and whether or not they can even bring her back. Or at least bring back the Daisy they know and love.

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Hmm. This looks interesting. Tracking.

Why not just have a Flower Ponies tag?


More chapters coming soon. Within the next few days, should all go well here.


Three reasons:

1. When I write about these three, I tend to have two major foci; each one as a separate character with their own quirks and personality traits, and the three collectively as a distinctive clique. The tags merely reflect this double focus.

2. The "Daisy" and "Lily" tags in particular are scarcely populated, especially once you remove the so-called "Mature" stuff. As a member of the Time Action Glory Challenge, I'm against that, and therefore I'm more than happy to give each one of them more stories, especially if there are three tag slots just waiting to be filled. By the logic of fairness, that also means adding the "Roseluck" tag to complete the set.

3. Frankly, it increases the catchment area. If you're writing about three relatively obscure background characters, you need all the catchment you can get.

Doc Hooves & Roseluck, huh? Well, that's a ship I've never seen before.

I hope they can get this all sorted out.


Really? I thought it was common enough to be unremarkable, but maybe I was mistaken.

One can only hope. More coming up over the next few days, so stay tuned! :scootangel:

What sort of wacky adventures await as we delve into the deepest reaches of Daisy’s psyche? You had my interest. Now you have my attention.


I don't know about "wacky" - given that it's a Dark Mystery Drama, those tags don't allow a lot of room for "wacky" - but nevertheless, I'm glad to see such enthusiasm. :twilightsmile:

Wackily dramatically mysteriously dark? :rainbowkiss:


Sure. Let's go with that. :twilightblush:

Okie dokie lokie! Also if you like dark and mystery I’m working on an epic with those two genres.

Ahh. The insecurities of one spreading to another. Kind of like the psychiatric phenomenon known as folix a dues (spelling). In the context of the story, Daisy’s first glimpse of her own problems affecting her friends by causing them undue worry, now coupled with the guilt of her friend Lily being trapped in her dream with her. Looking forward to more.


I don't think it technically qualifies as folie à deux, since that's mainly about sharing delusions, whereas this is more a case of strong emotional contagion (and Lily - thanks to being a suspicious and paranoid pony - works out quite quickly that these thoughts aren't hers, and so doesn't believe their content). But you're in the same ballpark, at least, especially regarding how Daisy's becoming aware of her own negative influence on her friends.

Glad to see you're enjoying the story, and more is on the way. There might be a slight delay before the next chapter, but it'll arrive soon enough.

Hey don’t worry about speed of release. Not like you’re getting paid for it. I’m not one with right to complain given it took me three years to finish the first act of my own adventure/mystery epic. (I seriously chose the worst possible time in life to start it: college)


I find getting education out of your system clears the mind wonderfully. :trollestia:

No sweat. The story is mostly already written, barring a few scenes near the end, so it's chiefly editing duties at this point. I'm not rushing the project, or anything like that. I've already learned that lesson, don't you worry!

PLEASE NOTE: Thanks to xgfhj, a severe plothole has come to my attention: under the current chronology of events, Daisy would realistically starve from being asleep so long without water or food.

This is a severe enough problem that I have sought to remedy it thus; as a temporary measure, Doc and Roseluck eventually agree to arrange a nasogastric tube as a convenient feeding device, regularly topped up (and justified by Doc's interest in medicine and Roseluck's reluctant interest in his hobbies in turn).

For those keeping pace with the story, I have now added extra details to the following chapters:

Just Not the Doc You Ordered
When the Flower Sleeps
We Shall Not Sit Idly By
A Perfect Meadow, Full of Laughter

Basically, every instance includes the word "nasogastric", so anyone wanting to check can use ctrl+f to track the additional material down.

Apart from additions to (and minor modifications of) neighbouring parts of the text, nothing else has been edited. Indeed, the point of the edit was to disrupt the main story as little as possible.

Thank you for your time, and I'm working on the rest of the story as we speak. This has been an Impossible Numbers public update. Goodbye for now!

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