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Impossible Numbers

"Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, Old Time is still a-flying, And this same flower that smiles today, Tomorrow will be dying."


Roseluck: arguably the smartest, bravest, and most outgoing of the three, though that isn't saying much, given the competition.

Lily: a paranoid nutcase with both a severe desire for attention and, unfortunately, an equally severe case of social anxiety.

Daisy: the bland, sensible one who runs things in the background, pretending she isn't as terrified as the rest of them.

Together, they are the Flower Trio, as craven a bunch of marginals as one could hope to find. At least they have each other. But the business slump and their own trigger-happy neuroses combine into a swarm of pests, devouring the flowers of their friendship, slowly but surely destroying something beautiful and precious.

Just when they're hoping it won't get any worse, Daisy falls into a deep sleep at the counter of the florist's. She doesn't wake up.

Now it's up to her friends, Lily, Roseluck, and Doc – the most scientifically gifted pony in Ponyville who isn't Twilight Sparkle – to find out what's going on in her mind… and whether or not they can even bring her back. Or at least bring back the Daisy they know and love.

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Hmm. This looks interesting. Tracking.

Why not just have a Flower Ponies tag?


More chapters coming soon. Within the next few days, should all go well here.


Three reasons:

1. When I write about these three, I tend to have two major foci; each one as a separate character with their own quirks and personality traits, and the three collectively as a distinctive clique. The tags merely reflect this double focus.

2. The "Daisy" and "Lily" tags in particular are scarcely populated, especially once you remove the so-called "Mature" stuff. As a member of the Time Action Glory Challenge, I'm against that, and therefore I'm more than happy to give each one of them more stories, especially if there are three tag slots just waiting to be filled. By the logic of fairness, that also means adding the "Roseluck" tag to complete the set.

3. Frankly, it increases the catchment area. If you're writing about three relatively obscure background characters, you need all the catchment you can get.

Doc Hooves & Roseluck, huh? Well, that's a ship I've never seen before.

I hope they can get this all sorted out.


Really? I thought it was common enough to be unremarkable, but maybe I was mistaken.

One can only hope. More coming up over the next few days, so stay tuned! :scootangel:

What sort of wacky adventures await as we delve into the deepest reaches of Daisy’s psyche? You had my interest. Now you have my attention.


I don't know about "wacky" - given that it's a Dark Mystery Drama, those tags don't allow a lot of room for "wacky" - but nevertheless, I'm glad to see such enthusiasm. :twilightsmile:

Wackily dramatically mysteriously dark? :rainbowkiss:


Sure. Let's go with that. :twilightblush:

Okie dokie lokie! Also if you like dark and mystery I’m working on an epic with those two genres.

Ahh. The insecurities of one spreading to another. Kind of like the psychiatric phenomenon known as folix a dues (spelling). In the context of the story, Daisy’s first glimpse of her own problems affecting her friends by causing them undue worry, now coupled with the guilt of her friend Lily being trapped in her dream with her. Looking forward to more.


I don't think it technically qualifies as folie à deux, since that's mainly about sharing delusions, whereas this is more a case of strong emotional contagion (and Lily - thanks to being a suspicious and paranoid pony - works out quite quickly that these thoughts aren't hers, and so doesn't believe their content). But you're in the same ballpark, at least, especially regarding how Daisy's becoming aware of her own negative influence on her friends.

Glad to see you're enjoying the story, and more is on the way. There might be a slight delay before the next chapter, but it'll arrive soon enough.

Hey don’t worry about speed of release. Not like you’re getting paid for it. I’m not one with right to complain given it took me three years to finish the first act of my own adventure/mystery epic. (I seriously chose the worst possible time in life to start it: college)


I find getting education out of your system clears the mind wonderfully. :trollestia:

No sweat. The story is mostly already written, barring a few scenes near the end, so it's chiefly editing duties at this point. I'm not rushing the project, or anything like that. I've already learned that lesson, don't you worry!

PLEASE NOTE: Thanks to xgfhj, a severe plothole has come to my attention: under the current chronology of events, Daisy would realistically starve from being asleep so long without water or food.

This is a severe enough problem that I have sought to remedy it thus; as a temporary measure, Doc and Roseluck eventually agree to arrange a nasogastric tube as a convenient feeding device, regularly topped up (and justified by Doc's interest in medicine and Roseluck's reluctant interest in his hobbies in turn).

For those keeping pace with the story, I have now added extra details to the following chapters:

Just Not the Doc You Ordered
When the Flower Sleeps
We Shall Not Sit Idly By
A Perfect Meadow, Full of Laughter

Basically, every instance includes the word "nasogastric", so anyone wanting to check can use ctrl+f to track the additional material down.

Apart from additions to (and minor modifications of) neighbouring parts of the text, nothing else has been edited. Indeed, the point of the edit was to disrupt the main story as little as possible.

Thank you for your time, and I'm working on the rest of the story as we speak. This has been an Impossible Numbers public update. Goodbye for now!

And we are back in the game. The "scientifically responsible" adventure of Doc and Roseluck continues...

Does Doc not realize that magic is the unique trait that unicorns bring to ponykind? If he has his way and earth ponies and Pegasi suddenly have all these things to do the same thing as magic, what’s stopping unicorns from becoming obsolete? Where is all of his efforts in giving weather control to unicorns and earth ponies? Where’s all his efforts in giving unrivaled skills in agriculture to unicorns and pegasi? Why is he singling out the thing that unicorns do for “hoarding”? Doc says he has nothing against magic... I’m not sure I really believe that. I’m starting to feel like he’s jealous.

Other than that, man that was a twist Rose wasn’t expecting with the arrival of the other pony at the end.


Good comment! :scootangel:

I extrapolated that trait from "Slice of Life". When you spend a good amount of work and research and effort trying to build a time machine and then find out there's a unicorn spell for it, I doubt you're gonna be kindly disposed towards magic. Although he does need to think this through a bit more, for someone allying himself with science.

Absolutely. Poor Rose. If it wasn't for the fact Doc's doing this unintentionally, that wouldn't reflect well on him (heck, it probably doesn't anyway), but it's still rough.

Might be a bit of a gap before the next chapter comes out, just so you're kept in the loop. This one was a biggie, and there are a few later scenes that need a bit more attention. For now, enjoy flashbacks with flowers! :scootangel:

Weird. I didn’t get a notification you’d replied to my comment. :rainbowderp: Anyway, I’m really enjoying this story. Keep it up! :pinkiehappy:


Oh, that happens occasionally. I've been surprised a couple of times that way by replies I didn't even know I'd received. Not sure why it happens, though.

And thanks! Will see what I can do, now we're well and truly past the halfway mark, to make it a big finish.

Still got a ways to go on mine, but I’m doing better with getting more written more quickly. Just a matter of waiting on edits. And I got a notice about this reply so :twilightsmile:

Several rowdy years

Pretty sure you mean days?


:unsuresweetie: No, I mean years. We're transitioning from the time of the flashback to the present day.

If it helps, what I was going for was that Roseluck was having the same or similar daydream to Daisy, hence her mentioning the details during the rest of this chapter. It was meant as a minor callback, as the second-to-last line of the flashback mentioned Daisy wishing next year's Summer Sun Celebration was "less rowdy than this year’s" (of course, having seen the show, we know how well that went down).

I could make it clearer, if you think I absolutely should?

Yeah, that could use more clarification. I was like :rainbowhuh:?


OK. Modified the first two lines to make the timeline and perspective more explicit. I'd like your thoughts on how it reads now, if I may request them?

Rest of it read just fine. I liked the way you handled Rose when Doc and Quickfix were practically flirting right in front of her. Doing it for Daisy... Doing it for Lily... That took a great deal of maturity. :ajsmug:


Roseluck is nothing if not determined, I'll grant her that.

Thanks for the feedback. I neglected to say so before now. Also, the next few chapters might be spaced out a bit. So much gets wrapped up near the end that translating story plan to full prose will become difficult. Not forgetting I've got a few more projects on the go than usual. But I'll see what I can do. This is just a heads-up.

All right, people. We should be entering the last run of chapters now, though I have no fixed schedule for any of them, so please bear with me. As always, I hope you enjoy the story, and feedback is most welcome! :scootangel:

I swear Rose was thiiis close to slapping the Doc, and also accusing him of being so hesitant to ask Twilight for help simply because he’s got a chip on his shoulder about magic.


To be fair, this isn't (entirely) on Doc; Rose's Flower Trio hysterics are poking through, and she needs someone like him to keep her mind focused. Doesn't excuse his attitude towards magic, though.


Ha! I am legitimately surprised we went this long without a gif like that. :rainbowlaugh:


All right, so this is a bit stretched-out for a so-called last run. :twilightsheepish: Hopefully, the fic will be finished before the end of April. I've got the endgame in my sights.

Anyway, now we've reached a turning point. This is where things get dicey. And presumably where I earn that "Dark" tag, though I have considered changing it (maybe to "Horror"?).

And thus does Rose’s patience reach its end.

Stuff just got real! Where’d Lily go? Hang in there Daisy! :pinkiegasp:


Where indeed? What chance does Daisy have without her? We are now officially at the grand finale, folks! Tune in tomorrow and find out the answers...

Tomorrow according to my timezone, anyway. :applejackunsure:

Also, I'd like to take the opportunity to say your comments are a pleasure to read, and I'm almost sorry we're nearing the end of the road.

Tomorrow by Earth time, or Impossible Numbers time? :rainbowwild:


I shall leave this as an exercise for the reader. :moustache:

Okie dokie lokie!

I can’t help but wonder what the Doc is doing at this moment. Three possibilities: brooding over how magic is evil and ponies would be better off without it, seriously considering maybe his reluctance to ask Twilight or Luna for help has actually hindered their progress on this issue, or just removed himself entirely.

Move those legs, Lily. Daisy’s time is almost out.


Don't worry; I'll deal with him in a later chapter. For now... here is the grand finale, the last struggle, the moment of truth for Lily and Daisy. :rainbowdetermined2:

(Also, please cover any and all spoilers in the comments from hereon out. This is kind of a big one.)

And so we come to the end. I say bravo. Really I don’t get why this doesn’t have more votes at this point.


Oh, I could give a list of plausible reasons: obscure character tags, the "dark tag" acting as a deterrent, sheer length, lack of consistency in chapter posting, my personal track record for finishing these kinds of things... I don't even rule out "the majority don't find it to their taste".

There'll be a delay with the last chapter or chapters due to deadlines I have to meet elsewhere, but once they're tackled, this is top priority. I've come too far to let this languish like the other novels I've attempted.

I swear it will be done.

And so we come to the end. I say bravo.

:twilightblush: :ajsmug: :raritystarry: :pinkiehappy: :yay: :rainbowdetermined2:

Mine’s currently “languishing” from the editor’s computer dying. :derpytongue2::raritydespair::raritydespair:

So in the meantime I wrote a Tempest short which is waiting on edits from another friend of mine.

I wish I hadn't put this off for eight months, especially since it's mostly wrapping up plotlines at this point. I haven't exactly been in the best of moods for most of those months, for a variety of reasons, but still, to drop the ball like that isn't good practice.

That said, I'm so close to the finish. One last push, right? Before the new year, or so I hope.

Replacing the "Dark" tag with the "Adventure" tag. On reflection, the story's not as grim as I'd previously thought, and it has a much stronger adventure angle given the main arc between Lily and Daisy. Of course, I'd welcome any feedback on this point. I'm not 100% certain.

And there you have it! One completed novel. I'm beyond pleased I made it this far.

Thanks to everyone who commented and left me feedback. It's been a real pleasure to hear from you. :twilightsmile:

When the Doctor is talking about someone tinkering in their basement proving that somthing is not impossible he's talking about himself. He would also say that he knew all along that it wasn't impossible but that might be a lie.

I hope Daisy hasn't been infected by a trypanosoma parasite causing sleeping sickness. I'm not sure the oneiroscope would be helpfull since the dreams don't necessarily contain information on what's wrong with Daisy.

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