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"Sometimes we all just need to be shown a little kindness." - Fluttershy, Season 1 Episode: Friendship is Magic Part 2

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." - Aesop.

"But let's not let our anger get us lost
When the need to be right comes with way too high a cost" - "Bridge of Light" lyrics, P!nk

"Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see." - Mark Twain

Life, as we all know it to be, is a hard one. Some just don't understand or take into consideration what others are going through in their lives and more often then naught, feelings are hurt.

Well, this is a group dedicated to lending a friendly ear to those who may need it!

Next to the FimFic website rules, there are a few things to consider here:

- Keep things peaceful here. We all just want to make friends.

- Please treat others kindly and respectfully here. It's "Kindness" after all.

- Be considerate when in threads or comment sections. Do not start a confrontation within a thread or in comments, or at all if it can be avoided.

- NO BULLYING. At all. Please.

-If you disagree with someone or don't like something someone posted, it's just better to drop it and let it go. It's not worth being right if it means losing a friend.

- Please no trolling others when it comes to talking things out seriously. And vice versa. It makes things harder on the ones who really need to talk to someone who is trying to help.

-Stories can be posted here under their appropriate files, but please adhere to the website rules please.

I think that should about cover everything here. If there's something that can be added, please let me know and things can be arranged.

Above all else, please have fun here in the realm of Kindness, friends! :twilightsmile:

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This is a lovely thing you have going on here, Feral darling!~ :heart:

And I agree, after a long, bitter day at the grind, a little kind word or gesture is just the pick-me-up one needs. Rarity approves~!:duck::heart:

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