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basic bio: Shadows Step · 9:49pm Sep 19th, 2017

My Main OC is a bat-unicorn hybrid who is a pretty all around kind of pony, I usually associate him with one or two of my other OCs ( Lunar Blaze or Gilded Blood). Lunar blaze being a unicorn with a demon inside her that feeds off her anger . Gilded Blood is a Vampony who was born rich but had to fake his death so his family can be protected. Shadows Step also goes by Midnight.

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Thank you flr adding my story, Building a New Family, to your favorites, hope you enjoy it


Thanks for the watch, hope you enjoy my stories

Thanks for the watch!

Thanks a bunch for the watch! It is greatly appreciated! :pinkiehappy:


You are both welcome. Plz consider me if you want to collaborate :rainbowkiss:

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