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“Sunset goes to yard sales?”

Already making me laugh. :rainbowlaugh:

God, I loved the Mirror's seduction of Twilight. As well as Indigo sucking her off. Some good laughs sprinkled throughout, too.

Holy shit I'm definitely gonna watch this.

Unfortunately, the mirror's magic isn't what she sighed on for,


any idea when we can expect an update and new chapter?

Needless to say, this is very entertaining.

Damn, some great sex scenes!

Good lewd scenes, but the humor is also appreciated.

Out of curiosity, where exactly where the cock growth scenes? I read through the whole story and hardly noticed if it happened. Kinda expected it at the end, what with Sour Sweet unloading into her

I do like how you wrote it where the mind controller didn't always succeed and win, now might have a chance of loosing to the very power she has and that there are now more repercussions on the way. You don't see that often from what I know of.

I'd love a sequel where corrupted Sc-Twi did team up with Adagio and turned half of canterlot city into willing sex slaves including Sunset Shimmer just instead of them all growing cocks every slave ends up pregnant with either Twilight or Adagio's not quite human children. Thus causing the remaining human 5 to call Princess Twilight for help to stop them. Thus leading to a final confrontation between the Twilights ending up with two different endings, one where Princess Twilight wins and one where Corrupted Sci-Twi wins as well as being impregnated by her corrupt self.

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