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Though the Applewood derby got off to a shaky start for the CMC, it all turned out alright in the end, and a valuable lesson was learned. But for Applejack, Rarity and Rainbow Dash, there are still a few lingering feelings to get out.

A short aftermath story that just barely fills the required word count. Enjoy.

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This is a great after piece to last Saturday's episode which wasn't very well-rounded. I kind of felt like Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow Dash could've reflected more about the consequences of their actions instead of just watching from the lawn chairs at the end. They didn't have to apologize to all the other competitors though, the crash wasn't really their fault. This story shines a light on the girls' feelings, reasonings and concerns and what prompted them to act in the ways they did.

When the next chapter going to be?

7481722 Oh... whoops. Forgot to mark this as complete. It was only ever meant to be a one-shot.

Although... I could do a short chapter showing the CMC and their point of view.

Y'know what. I'm doin' it. Congratulations! You've inspired me.:pinkiehappy:

Definitely a "How it should've ended" story. :yay:

:applecry: “We were extremely fortunate to get off with only a few good scratches.”

:scootangel: “The other racers were lucky they didn’t get any scratches.”

:unsuresweetie: “And did anypony notice? We went straight for our sisters without missing a beat. Didn’t think about any other way. Seems to be a habit with us.”

7497569 Well, let me say this much for a counter arguement.

AB: Your parents aren't around anymore, and who knows if Granny Smith or Big Macintosh were around? Plus, Applejack's always been a bit of a control freak, who's to say she wouldn't have found out and tried to take over anyway?

SC: Don't know about your parents (assuming you have them), but Rainbow Dash has come through for you before. You had no way to know she was going to take over the project.

SB: You seem to be at your sister's boutique far more than your own home, and your parents don't exactly strike me as the most artisticly gifted.

7504352 You might be thinking of "Priorities."


“And did anypony notice? We went straight for our sisters without missing a beat. Didn’t think about any other way. Seems to be a habit with us.”

I thought of that myself. If they'd stepped back and considered it rationally...

:applecry: "Y'know, Applejack's great, but she ain't that much about speed. Not like Rainbow Dash. Reckon she'd be willin' ta help me."

:scootangel: "Rainbow Dash can get pretty creative with her tricks... but I'm not sure that translates to design. That's more Rarity's thing."

:unsuresweetie: "Rarity's always trying to stay on top of the trends. Traditional would be kind of the opposite. I'll go see Applejack instead."

And then the conflict would probably come out in a different way.

7858465 You honestly think Scootaloo would have been happy with Rarity's design?

7862862 Therein might be a problem. Even if she doesn't like the design herself, would she be able to step back and say, "This is the sort of design that the judges are likely to score high in Creative, so I'll live with it"?

Well, this might help.

"Plus, I don't think turning ourselves into mares would actually make our sisters take us more seriously." Scootaloo reasoned, "If anything they'll think we were even more childish for trying it."

"Growing Up Is Hard to Do" is likely to address this matter.

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