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I am 20, Brony, and Christian(And proud of it!). Also I am a gamer to my bones.


Following an Anti-Superhero Act, all super-ponies have been forced into retirement and the Power Ponies have been disbanded. Eventually moving on and starting families of their own.

However, one fateful day the former Power Ponies get a distress call from an old ally to help out a high-tech facility gone wrong. Soon they are captured and discover a government conspiracy to rid the world of all super-ponies in an attempt to completely dominating the planet!

Now their only hope left for the world rests in the hooves of their children.

Crossover: The Incredibles
Story given by DarknessRising
Oc's belong to Kilala97 and Borsuq
Edited by VampDash and LightningSword
Proofread by Crescent-Blade
Teen rating is there just incase

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 118 )

Let me think; Power Ponies, Super Registration Act, government conspiracy, old ally, high-tech facility gone wrong. Was this inspired by the Incredibles and X-Men?

Both. X-men were my favorite Superhero team when I was a kid.

5152948 Thought so. But are you really planning to give Starburst Venom's powers? Wouldn't it make more sense if she had Wolverine's (without the claws) or Spider-Man? And Starfall having Deadpool's powers makes total sense, but Prism having a suit like Iron Man's is just ... I'm not even gonna say it.

5153005 star is based off agent venom a military based venom who is also a hero and prisim was made into a falcon iron man fusion for his great flying abilities (like falcon) and show off attitude (like iron man)

5153005 also star is too smart to be spiderman

5153068 I think you meant that 'Star is too serious to be Spider-Man'. Spidy is basically a genius.

5153257 oh yes in the fields of science peter parker is a freaking genius but in most times he has moments were he's an idiot point in case the 90% of the clone saga but yeah your right too star is too serious to be spiderman

Comment posted by DARKPHANTOM13 deleted Oct 18th, 2014
Comment posted by DARKPHANTOM13 deleted Oct 18th, 2014

Okay, this is going to be interesting. Still, I'm surprised Spike let himself be named Hum Drum. And are you going to go into how he joined the team?

Sounds like this is going to be a fun story. Can't wait to see how it goes. Also..... Marvel beats DC

5154205 Agreed especially with the god awful new 52

5153851 Yes, but it will be later in the story.

So... who was the original Hum Drum (or does it matter?)
5152948 5152936
Personally, I felt the X-men brought the hate they received upon themselves. I mean they have 2 major problems: First, they separated themselves from humanity by calling themselves 'mutants' (and the less said about the choice on the name mutants, the better.); and Second, they only handled matters concerning mutants. Unlike the Avengers, Spiderman, or even the Fantastic Four do things for the general populace (sometimes they catch flak for it, but they are mostly seen as heroes).

5155614 hes the orginal pony humdrum from this years annual. Also I agree with you on the x-men except you forgot one other criticism about them, the team is mostly made up of unlikable assholes especially their team leader cyclops

5155633 I don't know. 'Unlikable assholes' seems a bit strong. Not incorrect necessarily, just harsh. (And to be fair to Cyclops, if you had beams constantly shooting out of your eyes to the point you have to constantly worry about killing someone, you'd be a bit tense too)

5155650 2 words "the goblin queen", and there are some nice characters in x-men like angel night crawler (when not being an annoying bible quote spouting idoit) plus I think the real reason they wont let deadpool join the team (besides the x-force team) is not because hes crazy its because he has likable personality

5155691 I think it has more to do with the fact he is an absolutely moral-less murder who kills for kicks and giggles (and money! Can't forget about money!) I know they keep Wolverine on the team, but at least he had some scruples. (If Deadpool has any, they most likely belonged to somebody else)

5155705 actually deadpool has one moral he holds on too with a iron grip. He would never harm a child not even if its a reincarnation of apocalypse he will not kill a child or let anyone harm a child

5155723 Except in 'Hulk vs. Wolverine' where he was part of 'Weapon X' program along with Omega Red, Lady Deathstrike, and Wolverine and shot babies while they were floating downriver because they "freaked him out."

5155831 that was ooc moment for him in that movie along with the entire final act of wolverine orgins

5155857 To be in 'Wolverine Origins', he did have his mouth sewn shut and was controlled by a computer, so...yeah definite OoC moment there.

I know this is off an X-Men comic, but I keep thinking The Incredibles or Spy Kids.

5156191 It's an Incredibles crossover, The X-men thing is only for the characters.

Apparently I'm the first to say... nice reference to both the graphic novel of and movie of Batman under the red hood woth Joker beating up and killing Jason Todd. How did no one else get that reference?

5154205 also DC beats Marvel. Why? Batman. Nuff said

Comment posted by Hairy Counquerer deleted Oct 19th, 2014

Quick question: will brief Flutterhulk be expected in the future?

Comment posted by Hairy Counquerer deleted Oct 19th, 2014

5157596 actually it was meant to be a Half Life reference, but it is a comic book story so why not. And yes Flutterhulk will be seen in the furture.

5157583 you say batman. I can see that. However batman would easily lose in a fight to Spider-Man. Bats stealth and martial arts skills can hold up to other marvel heros but not spidey cuz spidey can see exactly what he is going to do before he does it. Yes bats may be able to beat some marvel heros but in the long run, nope. Also hulk smash

5158209 yeah i have to agree with you but unless given enough prepare time batman well most likely get his ass handed to him by characters like iron man agent venom (who had defeated captain America once) hulk and ultron

5158209 Batman would beat the crap out of Spider-Man. I'd go into it more but coments are for this story. Not debates. That's what forums are for

5159166 of course your right. Besides why are we arguing about this personally I like marvel but both marvel and DC are jus awesome. Let's leave it at that.

So you could say:

5161613 yeah except most them are happy in their careers

This seems like its going to be a really good story. I'm excited to see the rest! Also, hate to be that one guy, but "Neop" is bugging me :pinkiecrazy: It should be "Nepo". Here's hoping there's more updates soon! :pinkiehappy:

5165115 Thanks for pointing it out, its fixed now. I am now working on chapter two as we speak.

no action at all .i must say i expected more

5176476 The prologue was there to set up the backstory. There was not going to be much action in the prologue anyway.

5235997 Still in the works. It's taking me longer than I thought to write it.

What the hell happened to hum drum and the first was a pony or what I'm confused

5310544 the first humdrum was the pony from this years annual he beaten to death by the mainac and spike took his place as humdrum shortly after

5309831 good cause I spent time proofreading this instead of writing VG which is about 49% done

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