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I am 20, Brony, and Christian(And proud of it!). Also I am a gamer to my bones.

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After a stressed out Twilight chews out Spike, Scootaloo goes to talk to the depressed dragon, but soon after both start to revile their dark secrets and find comfort in each other.

Collaboration with Alyssaambrose

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Spike and the CMC get sucked into Power Ponies comic. Taking on the superhero roles of Hum Drum, Song Bell, Fading Bloom, and Silent Wing. Spike must teach the fillies to control their new found ability's as well as defend Maretropolis from the Diamond Tyrant and the Silver Aggressor.

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Nocturnis Comics

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Turquoise Blitz and Anthea have been together since foalhood. Now the newly married couple are expecting their first child, and must now face all the ups and downs of pregnancy.

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Following an Anti-Superhero Act, all super-ponies have been forced into retirement and the Power Ponies have been disbanded. Eventually moving on and starting families of their own.

However, one fateful day the former Power Ponies get a distress call from an old ally to help out a high-tech facility gone wrong. Soon they are captured and discover a government conspiracy to rid the world of all super-ponies in an attempt to completely dominating the planet!

Now their only hope left for the world rests in the hooves of their children.

Crossover: The Incredibles
Story given by DarknessRising
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Teen rating is there just incase

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After Rarity says something that breaks his heart, Spike snaps and storms out of her boutique. Leaving Rarity confused by the last words he said before he left. Discord appears and decides takes her on a little trip through time to show her how Spike really feels about her.

This story takes place during the events of Simple Ways and after the events of Twilight's Kingdom.

Edit: Cover art by dm29
Edit: Featured 8/1/14

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Spike the Dragon is given a simple task to repay his debt. Journey to the floating city of Cloudsdale and rescue a young mare named Scootaloo, a mysterious pony imprisoned all her life, and bring her to Manehattan. Simple enough right? Forced to trust one another Spike and Scootaloo must fight to escape the city of Cloudsdale and uncover the city's dark secrets.

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