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Young Hot Head dreams of flying alongside the Wonderbolts, as all young pegasi do. In order for him to even consider himself as a Wonderbolt-in-training, he must first win one of the most prestigious flying events held in Equestria - The Best Young Flyer's Competition. After months of practicing for the competition, on the day it is held, he sweeps away the other pegasi and ends up winning.

Thrilled at the prospect his dream may as well be coming true, he continuously boasts about his win, landing in numerous interviews. His face is everywhere in Ponyville - on billboards, boxes of cereal and other food-related products, milk cartons, and even on television. Plus, much to his liking, mares of all kinds are chasing after him in hopes of becoming his marefriend.

A few months after his big win, after successfully hiding from a large gathering of mares, Hot Head realizes that his new-found fame is exhausting. As much as he likes being in the spotlight, he'd much rather live his life without so much drama constantly jumping into his life.

After getting home after a long day of interviews, Hot Head tiredly goes to his room, and just as he's about to close his eyes and finally get some well-needed sleep, the doorbell rings.

Standing at the door, waiting patiently, are two ponies who have a deep, unforgiving connection to Equestria's Best Young Flyer.

... Wew. Look at that crappy description! Anyways, Blu here with a story about three of my favorite NextGen ponies made by the lovely Kilala97! It's for her NextGen Fun Fact Contest you can check out here. The fun fact I am writing about is as followed:

Hot Head's parents heard about him and his success in flying competitions and were able to find him again. Much to Lucky, Amber, and Hot Head's dismay, they tried regaining custody of him. They put up a good fight since they were rich and a normal couple and since Amber was very young and the only one working in the family. Luckily, they didn't win and were legally not able to take him back.


Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 8 )

Oh, so they only come out of the woodwork now, when Hot Head has become famous. Typical.

That's why I hate so-called "parents" like this. Be they real human ones, or ponies.

They don't deserve him, and i hope that Amber keeps custody of her son. She's been more of a mother to him than his biological one ever has.

I hope they lose, majorly, then crawl back into the swamp that they slithered out of!

I also hope that all of his friends and his real family will be there for him.

Nice chapter. I can't wait to read how the next chapter goes. I'll be here waiting to read it.

>>Oh, thank you so much!! The final chapter has just been released. I hope you enjoy~ :twilightsmile:

>>Yeah, they're the worst kind of parents.

If you're itching to find out what happens next, the final chapter has just been released. I hope the ending is to your liking~ :twilightsmile:

That was so SWEET!!!!! Great job. I really admire what you wrote.

and I’ll to it from here

I noticed a few minor errors, mostly words crashing together when they had no reason to, but this was the most glaring error I spotted. I think you meant "and I’ll do it from here", I enjoyed reading this. Another amusing error I noticed was when you called Lucky "Lucy", you should really read over what you posted the day after, it helps you spot any errors you might have made.


Thank you so much for finding those two errors! I actually did read this over a couple of times before I published it. At the time, I was extremely tired so I probably wasn't paying as much attention as I should have. That being said, I fixed both errors and greatly appreciate you commenting and adding the story to your favorites. It means the world to me! :heart:

Wow. Interesting so far! Heading to the next chapter!

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