• Published 18th Oct 2014
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Power Ponies: Heroes of the Next Generation - N7_Spartan117

When the Power Ponies go missing, it's up to their children to take up the superhero mantle to save them and the world!

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It was a cold and rainy night on the top of the rooftops of Maretropolis as the Power Ponies and Hum Drum II watched the president and many other politicians sign the new Anti-Superhero Act, a law banning all superheroes and villains.

“This is stupid, we should just jump in there and stop them!” yelled Zapp in frustration, not wanting the bill to be passed.

“Believe me ah want to as well, but we can’t. We promised we would not intervene,” said Mistress Mare-velous, trying to remind her friend of their deal.

“All because some super stallion in a red and blue outfit destroyed half of a city in a big fight,” said the young adult dragon with wings known as Hum Drum II. “Why do we have to quit being heroes? It’s not like that fight was our fault.”

“Yes that wasn’t, but this is,” said the Illusion, a blue coated unicorn mare with a wand and moon as her cutie mark wearing a purple cape and blue star patterned boot’s magicians outfit, in a somber tone. “If it wasn’t for our recklessness none of this would have happened, and maybe the first Hum Drum would still be with us.” Illusion turned to give the new Hum Drum a hateful look. It had only been four years but the pain of the original Hum Drums death still lingered in the ponies.

“I'm sorry,” whispered the dragon. Even though he had been the new Hum Drum for a short time, he could tell that Illusion did not care for him.

“You have nothing to be sorry for darling, you did not do a thing wrong. Illusion still holds herself responsible for Hum Drum,” said Radiance as she tried to comfort the drake.

“Yeah, she shouldn’t blame herself for his passing,” said Saddle Ranger timidly. Illusion quickly turned her head to give Saddle Ranger a hateful look that started to scare her.

“Passing?! Passing is for those who died happy. Who died surrounded by those they love. He was butchered!” yelled Illusion. “Hum Drum was killed like some type of animal by an animal. And because of his death they started to watch us all.” Illusions words were like poison to the other heroes as they remembered the day of their young comrades’ death.

It was almost five years ago since Hum Drum had been captured by the evil Mane-iac. The Mane-iac had captured him in hopes of gaining information on the Power Ponies, but when he refused to tell her anything she began to torture him. After several days of searching for the young colt, the Power Ponies eventually found him being held in an old warehouse on the outskirts of Maretropolis. The Ponies launched a full scale assault on the warehouse only to find the beaten body of Hum Drum lying dead with a crowbar next to him. Illusion was the one who quickly found Mane-iac and in a fit of rage almost killed her, nearly destroying an entire city block causing thousands of bits in property damage and hospitalizing several civilians.

“This is what we get after all we have done for them. We get banned from using the powers gifted to us,” said Illusion as she turned her attention back to the politicians below

“They're just scared of us, Illusion,” said the Masked Matter-Horn, trying to calm her friend down.

“Yeah, I bet if I was them and I saw a powerful pony throw another pony through three buildings, and another level an entire city block I would be pretty scared too,” remarked Fili-Second as she imitated the acts.

“You’re not helping,” said Mistress Mare-velous.

“I have a question for them!” said Zapp as she flew over the others. “Do they really think the supervillains will obey this law?”

“No, they will look to us to put them in prison and then ask us to quit,” answered Illusion in a hateful tone.

“Well, there is nothing we can do about it now,” said Hum Drum II as he pointed to politicians below, who had just finished signing the new law.

“So that's it… we're done being superheroes?” asked Saddle Ranger cautiously.

“Yes dear it does,” answered Radiance. The ponies and dragon stood in silence as the reality of the situation sank in.

“Now what do we do?” asked Hum Drum II in fear.

“We retire,” answered Masked Matter-Horn as she took off her mask. The others slowly started to do the same, except for Illusion who watched as the politicians celebrated from the skylight. “Illusion, you know we have to.”

“No, you do, but I don’t,” answered Illusion. “If they won’t see that they are making a mistake then I say we show them!” Illusion’s horn started to glow it magenta color as she prepared to jump into the middle of the celebration. As she jumped, Mistress-Mare-velous quickly used her lasso to stop her, catching her in mid-air and throwing her against an adjoined building.

“What were you thinking?!” yelled Masked Matter-Horn.

“I was going to show them the error of their ways,” answered Illusion as she struggled to free herself.

“By doing exactly what they want us to do?!” asked Radiance as she prepared to conjured a cell around Illusion.

"Yes….No…..I don’t know!”

“Listen I know you didn’t want the law to passed, but it did and we have to except it,” said Masked Matter-Horn as she helped Illusion out of her bindings.

“No! The rest of you can sit here and quite, but I won’t,” said Illusion as she walked to the edge of the rooftop.

“Where are you going?” asked Fili-Second as she galloped beside of her, but Illusion did not answer her. She just stared at the street below.

“Nepo latrop ot saL susageP,” said Illusion as she cast a spell to open a portal to Las Pegasus. As Illusion stepped into the portal, she took one last look at her former teammates and tore off her cape. “Do not follow me.”

“Quick stop her!” yelled Zapp as she flew towards Illusion, but as soon as she reached her the portal closed, leaving all of them dumbstruck.

“Now what do we do?” asked Saddle Ranger as she picked Illusion’s cape.

“Do we continue with the plan?” answered Mistress Mare-velous looking at Matter-Horn with a concern look on her face. The others started to share the same look of concern as Matter-Horn looked at the last place Illusion stood. She eventually gave them the answer they were waiting for.

“Yes, from this point on the Power Ponies are no more,” answered Matter-Horn.

Author's Note:

I will go ahead and say this now I will be referring to Mane 6 by their actual names. It just helps me not to come up with secret Identities for each one, because I am terrible with names. Also for those wondering what Trixie powers are they similar to Zatanna.
Now here is what each of Kilala's and Borsuq Oc's powers will be. Bios here

Turquoise Blitz (T): Angel
Anthea (Annie): Emma Frost
Crystal Clarity (Claire): X-23
Starburst (Star): Venom
Prism Bolt (Bolt or Priz): Iron Man/ Falcon
Cotton Candy (Candy): Blink
Golden Delicious (Gold, Del): Colossus
Dove: Scarlet Witch
Starfall: Deadpool

Oh yeah if you found the Half-Life reference good job.

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