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Writer/Admin/Title VII requirement for Horse News; humanized/equestria girls fanfic writer. Pardon my grit


For the most part, the children of the Bearers of The Elements of Harmony lived sheltered, but fulfilling childhoods. Sure, they might of had their occasion quarrel between their parents or each other, but in the end their relationships remained unbreakable.

But, when their parents go missing, can this rag-tag group of youngsters save their parents and Equestria in a far away land?

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Interesting, I will keep an eye on this

See, at this point, I was just hoping for some good ol' oedipal incest.
Chelis, stop fucking around and just fuck my ass.

I don't have the alcohol required to <3

4166125 Surely, though, surely!
You must try.

I'm a bit confused by the 'human' tag; are the Name Six & family suppose to be going to the human world (via a magic mirror, etc) or is everyone already human?

If the latter, then why is out called the Griffin Clan?

Just need a little clarification is all...

Comment posted by SGT Barn deleted Apr 1st, 2014

4166416 I would argue that YOU are the nasty one, my good sir

I might be tempted to fave this simply because these are kiala97's next gen kids, but the grammar/phrasing is kinda clunky. I don't mean that the story isn't good, it is very good; and I think it could be better. I know from experience... kind of.

Have my upvote, and I'll keep an eye to your story.

How is it "clunky?" I would love to improve the story since her oc's deserve the best possible story i can muster up :pinkiehappy:

I don't know how explain it exactly, there are little details in the descriptions and dialogues that need a bit more of polishing. In the state it is now, it is hard to follow the story. Hope you find my comment more useful than annoying.

good question:

Here , a good 95% of the next gen oc's in the story are from the brilliant mind of Kilala

Ah young love. (Said the sixteen year old:facehoof:)

Very well done. Sort of reminiscent of earlier fantasy stories. Looking forward to more chapters. :twilightsmile:

Okay, not sure how important it is to the plot (or even if the character will be mentioned again) but who is Anthea?

You keep going from Claire to Clare to Clair... It's like you keep spelling the name only as an afterthought and then moving on. Interesting fic but this really comes off as plain lazy.

Gimme a moment and ill see what i can do

according to the Kilalaverse she is the adoptive daughter of fluttershy. I had a chapter planned to explain the parents n shit :twilightblush:

4563208 this almost sounds like my story of F.A.T. E 2, but the only difference is my story sucks :rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by kyuubi gear deleted Jul 12th, 2014

*aheam* anyway keep it up :twilightsmile:I'll be cheering you on

Out of curiosity, how much younger is NLJ than Starburst. And you know that good times like this are gonna end. 5034221 Am I right or am I right?

i saw this fic in my watch later list way in the back and thought

i like this but he never updates, i shoud unwatch it but still keep is favorited.

and thats what happened

is it wrong that when i think of this story as a game i think dynasty warriors humanized pony edition don't get me wrong i like this story but i keep getting that lingering feeling as though that they are going to have to fight through hordes of changelings in some over the top hack and slash action sequence...............:rainbowhuh::facehoof:

forget i mentioned that that was just silly of me anyway this story is well written the banter is done well and the characters despite being a little dry at this point do grow on you and that is nice its refreshing having characters that you want to follow almost right out of the gate as opposed to having to wait halfway through the story before they become likeable.

Good to see that this one is also updating. Also:

she knew she would of been
restless in bed

Again the would of instead of would've but other than that good chapter.


Night Light's named after Grampa and you support Flashlight?

Not wanting to sound like criticism, but it seems to me that this could be a bit more 'in-depth' (for want of a better term). Especially with this and the last chapter, being as emotional as they were and all.

At first I was like "Aw... I wanted him to write a letter to Whirlwind".

Great chapter. Can't wait for more.

Short chapter, but the scene was very heartwarming. Even if Prism was drunk off his ass, which I found hilarious!

I loved that little interaction with Prism and Whirlwind, it was a nice way to end the chapter.

I am really enjoying this im waiting for the next chapter to come soon and the nexts one as well great work!!! :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

i am really enjoying this i cant wait for the next chapter i hope you keep on doing great work :raritywink::twilightsmile:

this is getting more intense after every chapter :pinkiegasp::rainbowkiss:

Crystal Clarity instantly became everyone's best friend in the room as they made their way outside

"I don't wanna go anywhere," Chris moaned, flopping onto his bed.

"How about I take you out to eat and I'm paying." John said.

"I'll be ready in three minutes!" Chris said, zooming off.

These chapters are too short.

This is why your girlfriend shouldn't be on lookout with you!

You have my attention, but are you truly worthy of it?

Interesting, so everyone is human?

Heh cold, Also reminds me of Resident Evil 4 just because his name is leon, also Albino changeling? 10/10 New best OC criminal

They rode for hours together... surrounded by fifty of the king's best dragoons across the valley, looking for their target.

Might want to fix that :twilightblush:

7323292 Huh, never learned that.

cute story, I think Leon and Starburt would make a wonderfully ship,
good story I want more

Dragoon’s are a type of Calvary, using muskets instead of lances or heavy sabers

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