This group is for the fans, bronies, and pegasisters who enjoyed, enjoy, or are enjoying the Fan-fiction series, 'MLP: Emerald Fires'. Here, you will experience a array of bonus content and writer's production notes and diaries, looking into the development of this series. Members will also be emailed by FolkloreBrony, along with hand drawn picture art of characters, settings, and environments created exclusively for the emerald fires series, And will be the first to see 1-page previews to the newest chapters before they are posted. Plus be on the look out for other little goodies that will be given. Want to become a member? Just put a 'thumbs-up' rating on the Emerald Fires fan-fiction story and put yourself on FolkloreBrony's followers list, and you will automatically be listed as a official member of this group.

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Its a silent community lol

Sup everyone, how you guys been.

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