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A group for talking about "The Order" and "What Hath Joined Together" by Bad Seed_72. The name of the group is an amalgamation of how one fan pronounces the story's acronym, and my name for the fans of the story. This group is for discussion of the story and how the fans should unite to talk about it.

One will be talking about the story as it stands at the present, or up to and including the last chapter update.

One will be talking of ideas which could happen in the story's future; or how the story turns out. We will discuss these ideas or scenarios, and will determine how likely or unlikely these scenarios are.

The group icon is "Waiting" by Chryseum. The banner icon is "Older Twi and Flash Sentry" by iMarieU; both on deviantart.

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I'm pretty sure Iron Will is the solution to all the problems. He'll just roll in and tell those two hater princesses and their unicorn followers to "BE COOL OR BE SCHOOLED!"... or something like that.

[Stalking Bad_Seed_72 intensifies]

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