For all those who keep getting complaints about your spam threads in perfectly relevant groups. Enjoy.

1. Post threads about ideas.
2. Post threads asking if something has been done before.
3. Don't post anything else unless it follows rules 1-2 or is about the group itself.
4. Post, post away.
5. Quietly promote your stories by using the legal threads by using "I recently wrote a story about..."

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Forum folders, and the ability to what contributors are allowed to do.

We should redirect all the bad threads here :3

Yes, many do. But really, all groups need in their forums are FORUM FOLDERS :flutterrage:

351025 :rainbowlaugh: Let's hope it catches on, because sooo many groups need it. :applejackunsure:

351024 Your group is exactly what we need over there! I'll pm you more details in a few hours.

If you hold any sway, I certainly don't mind. I just didn't want to be a hypocrite and try to plug it in without, ya know, having nothing to do with humans... :twilightoops:

350982 Would you like endorsement in the HiE? I think we can arrange something.

I'm just going to start linking this to every spam thread and hope they get the point. :twilightsmile:

I'm Commander Luminary, and this is my favorite group on FiMFiction.

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