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This group is dedicated to doing whatever we want
as long as it doesn't break the rules, ya dingus

Haha, what? Nothing... *shifty eyes* You saw nothing.

Welcome fillies, gentlecolts and assorted whatevers to The Internet Family. Everyone is welcome to join this group. Our mission is to create a fun environment filled with insanity, insane amounts of forum posts and general randomness without too much vulgarity or lack of control.

I've been in a group before that had a similar mission, but everyone was an admin. Everyone. It got a tad out of control, so to speak, and our lives were ravaged by a merciless troll.

Anyways, if you are looking for a fun place to hang out and talk about random crap like we all do with our families, join us! Pledge thine allegiance to the almighty family of internets and win a free cookie*. No free cookie included.

A long story short, welcome one and all to the Internet Family.

(don't worry, just a few basic ones to prevent someone from ruining the fun)
~ don't join this group if you don't like being spammed - because we will go nuts on the forum posts
~ respect everyone around you, if you have any complaints, PM an admin an we will deal with it by breaking the bully's knees
~ please don't use excessive swears or vulgarity
~ absolutely all sexual content (ie. NSFW anything) must be censored/blanked and must have a warning before. It may seem like a hassle, but there are younger people on here too that would rather not see that.
~ have fun

We are always watching.

We're pretty straightforward here: be nice and you'll be rewarded, be a troll or break the rules and you will be permanently booted in the blink of an eye.

Now, go forth, my pretties! Go forth and spread the iNsANiTy!

~ Viola Velvet ~

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342704 Thank you! I worked so hard. :twilightsmile:

341096 It's beautiful

339173 Welcome to the family! :pinkiecrazy:

339212 Me too! Thanks for submitting.

OK, here's the thing, no one else submitted a story, and I had a story that really needs a couple more views. So I'm first. I sincerely hope I'm not the last.

The voices in my head told me to join, so I did.:pinkiecrazy:

339140 You'd be correct.

339151 IT MUST BE CHRISTMAS! :pinkiehappy:


so i hear this be where the crazies wanna come?:pinkiecrazy:

339120 Well that's good to hear. :twilightsmile:

339119 Darn that joining pressing finger, always getting in the way! :twilightsmile:

Don't worry, by the time we're done with you, you won't want to leave.

You'll never want to leave. :pinkiecrazy:

I have deep dark feeling I'm gonna regret I joined, but I just can't stop my joining pressing finger that just can't help but to press join. :pinkiecrazy:

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