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Pothead is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Fluttershy. Her best friend Tree Hugger on the other hand...

The story of Fluttershy's first time smoking weed.

Cover art by Lookmaidrew

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Pear Butter, daughter of Grand Pear, marries into the Apple family after falling in love with Bright Mac, a young stallion of the Apple family. After her father disowns her, and moves away to Vanhoover, Pear Butter slowly comes to peace with her father's decision.
-One shot-

Cover art by Neko-Snicker

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--Quick Disclaimer: I haven't watched MLP since the end of Season 4, and a little of season 5 (I think). Bare with me if things have changed, but I'm basing the setting and characters from season 4 and before---

After defeating Lord Frieza, and escaping death from the doomed planet Namek, Goku lands on a strange planet with hyper-evolved ponies, much different from the ones on Earth.
The locals bring him in to their society and nurse him back to full health, so he may return back home to his family and friends awaiting him on Earth.

Crossover between My Little Pony and Dragon Ball Z. Originally in DBZ, Goku lands on planet "Yardrat" after his battle. In this fic, Yardrat is replaced with Equestria.

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Sweetie Belle falls in love with the new colt in town, a colt that most ponies would identify him as the average antisocial gaming nerd. To Sweetie however, he's her Prince Blueblood to Rarity (That is before the Gala). He's the colt that she wanted to have by her side. He is Button Mash.
Cover art by Superrobotrainbowpig on DeviantArt. Inspired by Jan Animations and his tumblr blog, Ask-Thecrusaders.

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Scootaloo grew up some of her fillyhood in an orphanage that belonged to a widowed mare and her dead husband. But the rest of her life up to the present have taken place on the streets of Ponyville, where she has made a reputation for being one of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and the town 'bum'. She wonders what the rest of her life up until her death every day. Where she'll end up, who she'll meet. It's part of the question that experience must answer.
One day, Scootaloo comes across a new store that has opened near sugarcube corner. What lies inside interests her to the fullest...and will change her life forever...(foreveeeeer)
******Assassin><Ponies Crossover-Inspired by Assassin's Creed 3******

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