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So first clopfic already out. Yeah!! \ (•◡•) / · 1:32am Jun 8th, 2017

So the first clop fic was uhmmm... fun to write he he (///∇///) and it only took 2 days to make. Maybe I needed to put more effort into it, maa what is done, is done.

The next one should be a sad dramatic story that I have been working on for almost 6 months. I have troubles in making stories short, even this was supposed to be like 2000 words only, it ended up being the double. I will work on that.

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Thanks for the Fav! I hope you enjoyed reading it!

Thank you again for faving my Human-Pony In-Flight Mystery "Who Fears Ponies on Equestrian Airways Flight 9?" *hugs* I'm super happy that you liked it! :D

I also notice you could use a follower. BOOM! You got one!


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