• Published 18th Feb 2017
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Dragon Ball Super: Equestrian Chronicles - The Saiyan

Goku and Vegeta find themselves in Equestria in hopes of becoming stronger thanks to Whis. Can they learn the magic of friendship or will Vegeta go insane?

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A Test of Strength! Goku vs. Vegeta!

"Not a bad arena you have." Goku complimented, seeing the square tiled stone floor located in a forest not too far away from Canterlot. He hovered as did Vegeta onto it. "So, you want us to spar huh? Fair warning, we don't like to hold back."

"As if I ever would against you, Kakarot." Vegeta groaned.

Celestia smirked, "Oh, do not worry. I wish to see your full power. For future reference of course."

The Saiyan Prince rolled his eyes, "That doesn't sound suspicious at all." he muttered

"Vegeta. It is nothing bad. I just wish to see if Whis is correct in describing your potential." Celestia corrected the tempered Saiyan, who faced his rival.

There were bleachers nearby the arena, allowing the ponies attending to watch the fight. "Aw yeah! Epic alien fight!" Rainbow cheered, "My money's on Goku!" she boasted, raising a hoof. "This is gonna be fun to watch."

"Are you sure this is safe, Princess Celestia?" Twilight asked, "You mentioned that they were gods. Imagine the damage the two of them can cause!"

"It will be fine, Twilight. I have erected a forcefield around the arena to withstand their overwhelming power." assured the Sun Princess with a wave of her hoof. "We will be safe from over here. This is merely a study session if you will."

"Study? I didn't bring any notepads." Twilight groaned.

Applejack nudged the purple alicorn's shoulder, "Ah think she meant that figuratively, Twi. We're just gonna see what the fuss is with these two." she said.

"Yes! Time to d-d-d-duel!" Pinkie cheered, with a raised foam finger in her hoof. And a soda hat on top of her head. There were pictures of Vegeta on the soda hat and the finger read, 'Vegeta #1'. The others gave her a confused glance.

"Where did you get that, Pinkie?" Rarity wondered.

The pink mare shrugged, "Merchandise."

Back with the Saiyans, Goku and Vegeta stood across from one another on the opposite ends of the arena. The orange-clad Saiyan smirked, "Heh. It's just like old times huh Vegeta?" he asked his rival, who chuckled darkly at his words.

"Indeed, Kakarot. But just know, this time I will best you." Vegeta boasted with a smirk. "It's time we put our training to the test. Don't you dare hold back!"

Goku rubbed his head, "Nah. I think this should be all-out. Though, we should spare the theatrics for when we feel like it."

"Glad you agree."

Silence passed among the warriors and spectators, the only sound being the wind blowing. Goku bent down, his body turned and arms stretched out on opposite ends and his left hand curled into a fist. A scowl formed on his features.

Vegeta bent his knees slightly and raised his right hand over his head in front of his face, his index and middle finger raised and curled. A confident smirk could be seen on his face.

Rainbow put her hooves to her face, "Wow. Intense."

"AHHHHHH!" screamed Goku, lunging after his rival. Vegeta blocked the punch with his elbow with one swift movement. "Hah!" he grunted, bringing his leg to the prince's side.

Vegeta uppercutted Goku, surprising the warrior. He brought his head down and lunged a foot at his rival, kicking Vegeta down. The Saiyan Prince pushed himself up, performing a powerful kick to Goku's chest, making him hold it and inhale sharply, losing his breath for a brief moment.

"Cheap shot..." wheezed Goku.

"You were open." replied Vegeta in a stoic tone.

Goku extended a hand, "Oh yeah?" he then shot out a ball of energy in Vegeta's direction, prompting him to swipe it away. The prince extended both of his hands to shoot Ki in his opponent's direction. The warrior hovered and blocked out each blast with his own, making them stop in the middle.

"H-Huh? They c-can use magic?" Twilight blurted out in disbelief.

Celestia shook her head, "No, it is not. Whis called it Ki. It is the energy within them that gives them their strength. I was not told much else beyond that."

"What? So, can we do that?" Rainbow asked.

Luna looked at the cyan mare, "We are not too sure, Rainbow Dash. Perhaps Goku, Vegeta or anyone else from their world have a better understanding of it."

Goku and Vegeta traded punches, each collision of their fists creating small tremors in the air that nearly shook them had they not been used to such combat. Their battle screams could be heard as they dealt powerful blows to one another. The draw ended once Goku brought his elbow forward to Vegeta's face.

"Grr..." grunted Vegeta. "Grah!" he shot out two more Ki beams in Goku's direction and he was launched back slightly by the force of the attack.

"Ha!" Goku screamed, lunging forward to perform a spinning kick which Vegeta ducked under. They hovered in midair as they traded attacks once again.

"Take this!" Goku yelled, after teleporting behind Vegeta and grabbing him and throwing him, holding him by his foot and spinning him around before letting go.

The two vanished in a blur once Vegeta got his bearings, "You're going to regret doing that, Kakarot!" he grunted as he brought his elbow forward as did Goku, creating a tremor that disturbed the air. The two paused before throwing a flurry of punches at one another, making them turn their heads in pain as a result.

The collision ended once Goku raised his arms, driving them down on Vegeta's head. The prince was knocked to the ground, but he wasn't down for long once the ground stopped shaking from the force of the fall. "Ha!" he yelled, flying back after his rival, kneeing him in the face, launching Goku back a little.

"Wow. Those two are powerful." Applejack commented, holding on to her stetson.

"I've never seen such finesse in fighting." Rarity added, nervously putting a hoof under her chin.

"Looks pretty cool, actually." Spike grinned.

Goku and Vegeta panted, wiping the blood on their faces. The orange-clad warrior grinned, "Say, Vegeta. How about we up the ante?" he offered.

"I thought you'd never ask."

The two Saiyans extended their arms and hunched down slightly as they descended. The ground began to shake and pieces of the arena began to fly upwards. The ponies did their best to stay still admist the sudden power overload coming from the warriors.


Auras covered the duo as they screamed as loud as they could, getting brighter with each second.

"How long can they do that for?" Fluttershy wondered, "It can't be good for their lungs..."

"I do that all the time!" Pinkie assured, "They're fine."

The screaming ceased at last, and the Equestrians, minus the Princesses, went wide-eyed at what they witnessed.

Goku and Vegeta's hair was spiked up (the latter's moreso) and was yellow, and auras of the same color covered them. "W-What happened?" Rainbow asked loudly, her jaw agape.

"Heh." chuckled Goku, "This is what we call a Super Saiyan. It's a transformation that makes us stronger."

"Enough talk, Kakarot. I think a demonstration is necessary." Vegeta scoffed.

"Alright then!" Goku screamed, his and Vegeta's fists colliding. The two paused for a second before flying again. Grunts could be heard from them as they were equal in combat.

Vegeta growled, kicking Goku's side, before uppercutting him. In response, Goku lunged his fist directly into Vegeta's stomach, making him spit in pain.

"Egh. That looked awfully rough." Rarity gagged.

Twilight flinched, "Yeah. For a friendly spar, they're awfully violent with one another."

"Grah!" Goku yelled. The two vanished once again, dealing each other more punches and kicks that created small shockwaves in the air as a result. Eventually, the two were seen again.

Vegeta drove his fist directly into Goku's cheek, his head turning the side as a result. Goku countered with a headbutt and a ki blast to the stomach. The Sayian prince held his aching head and staggered back, annoyed by his opponent's tactics. He could hear his rival snicker playfully. "Take this!" he yelled, flying in an arch around Goku, who tried to blast him to no avail. Instead, he took a foot to the face and was slammed down.

On the ground was Goku, his face planted directly planted into the arena. "Ow..." he could be heard muttering. Vegeta planted a foot on his back, crossing his arms smugly.

"Had enough, Kakarot?" he asked. Suddenly, Goku vanished. Before he could react, Vegeta felt something on his back, making him bucklemdown in pain. He saw Goku's feet descend in front of him. A smirk could be seen, "Not bad..."

"Thanks. I've been practicing." Goku bragged.

Vegeta began to hover, prompting Goku to do the same. "I see. How about we finish this fight once and for all."

"Heh heh. I'm in."

The two Saiyans back away from one another, confusing the ponies on what they were doing. They could be seen positioning their arms differently. Goku hunched down slightly, his arms to the side of his waist. Vegeta brought both of his arms upwards. Their palms were cupped as if they were holding something.

"What in tarnation are they doin'?" asked Applejack.

"KA... ME..."


Blue energy began to form in Goku's hands, creating a noise that surprised the ponies. Purple energy began to appear on Vegeta's hands as they shouted some strange words. "What are they saying?" Twilight wondered.

"Yeah. Is that Ki?" Spike questioned.

Rainbow crossed her hooves, "I wish I knew..."

"HA...ME..." Goku continued as loud as he could.

"HA!" Goku finished, releasing a powerful blue beam.

"GUN!" Vegeta finished, shooting a purple beam.

The entire world seemed to tremble as their beams locked in a struggle. "Woah! That's awesome!" Rainbow admitted. "They gotta teach me how to do that!"

"That is pretty impressive." hummed Twilight, wondering how they're doing this.

"I was not expecting this..." muttered Celestia.

Goku and Vegeta exerted as much energy as they could in their Kamehameha and Galick Gun struggle. "AAAAHHH!" they could be heard screaming, the beams still colliding in the middle. The beams constantly moved back and forth, leaving the Equestrians to wonder who was going to win.

But, the two gave out, their arms still extended. The Saiyans panted, their hair changing back from yellow to black. "Heh. Guess we overdid it, huh Vegeta?" he asked.

"Nonsense." panted Vegeta, "I only wish to reserve my power for later. Using all of our strength here would be useless."

"T-They were holding back?" Fluttershy gulped.

Luna held her head, "After all that boasting. There is still more to them."

Goku and Vegeta walked out of the arena, seemingly unaffected by their bout. "So, what do you think?" wondered Goku.

"I think we were all impressed, Goku. Whis was correct in describing the power you two share. Perhaps we shall talk of the Grand Galloping Gala now."

"Hmph. What shall we be doing?" Vegeta huffed.

"We only wish to introduce yourselves to Equestria." Luna said. "It is in only a few days so be prepared."

"Alright then." Goku agreed. "So, uh... Where will be staying?"

"Twilight Sparkle..." Celestia called out, "Do you have available space for the two Saiyans?"

Twilight mumbled, "I think so."

"I wish for these two to stay with you for as long as they're here."

"Um... S-sure." Twilight slowly agreed.

"Awesome!" Spike cheered, "This might be the best Gala ever!"

Luna chuckled, "Mayhaps. Thou thinks you shall all return to Ponyville to rest and ready for the big night."


Three beings floated around an endless purple void. Floating crystals surrounded them, each of them filled with images of past events. The tall one wore blue formal garb, had long red hair pinned upwards and a nasty scowl on his face. Floating behind him was a blue female with a staff, who had arrived from witnessing Goku and Vegeta's battle. Next to her was another blue warrior, wearing red and white armor and a stoic look to his face.

The leader turned around, "What is it?"

The female kneeled down, "My Lord. Son Goku and Vegeta are now in the land of Equestria. They were interacting with the locals and are about to attend what is known as a Gala, a public event in their world. Shall we interfere directly?" she asked.

The leader chuckled. "Not yet. Have you spotted anything else?"

"Yes. The two were sparring." the blue male added.

"Heh. Perhaps we can have a little fun with them there. I too have noticed something in that world. Something that can benefit us in the end." he brought a crystal to them. Projecting on the crystal was a purple unicorn with a mane a shade darker with a mint green highlight. "Mira, Towa. This is Starlight Glimmer. A unicorn prodigy bent on equality in that world. She has seeked revenge since the former Elements of Harmony ruined her world view. Perhaps you two can give her a little push before the gala the Saiyans are attending."

Towa chuckled darkly, "Of course, Lord Demigra. And perhaps we can cause a little more mayhem."

As she said this, she showed Mira and Demigra another crystal, one that showed Vegeta. The warrior and Demon God knew of her plan and agreed to it. Demigra spoke, "Very well. You shall meet with Starlight Glimmer before the Gala. With the dark magic from your staff, she shall be powerful enough to eradicate the ponies and perhaps the Saiyans. They will die at last. And my freedom shall be closer." he crossed his arms smugly, liking the plan.

Author's Note:

I hope you all don't mind their intervention in this story. I've been playing Xenoverse 2 and read Equestria Girls: Battle of Gods (which I recommend greatly), which inspired me to follow through with them being in the story.

The Time Breakers won't be in every saga, but with this saga being mostly set in Equestria, I wanted something to help some of the antagonists in that world to be threats to Goku and Vegeta.

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