• Published 18th Feb 2017
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Dragon Ball Super: Equestrian Chronicles - The Saiyan

Goku and Vegeta find themselves in Equestria in hopes of becoming stronger thanks to Whis. Can they learn the magic of friendship or will Vegeta go insane?

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Before the Big Night! What Can Go Wrong?

"Ugh. How much longer do I have to stand here?" groaned Goku, remaining still as Rarity moved measuring tape and a ruler with her magic. "It feels like we've been here all day!" he whined, doing his best to stay stiff.

The two Saiyans were in Rarity's home, the Carasoul Boutique. Twilight had requested that the two of them get ready for the Grand Galloping Gala, which was coming soon and had decided to see for themselves they were getting ready. It was in about a day, and so Rarity made sure to move as fast as she could in order to get the two warriors ready for the big night.

"I only wish to gain your measurements so I can begin making you your formal suits. You must look dashing for the Gala after all." Rarity hummed, her eyes never turning away from the ruler, which was covered in a blue aura.

Vegeta spoke up, "Perhaps you can speed things up? Kakarot and I do not have all day to waste fitting tuxedos."

The white unicorn pursed her lips, "and what, pray tell, do you have to do that's more important?" she asked.

Twilight nodded, "Yeah. This is pretty big."

"To train of course." Goku said.

"Is that how you'll pass the time in this new world?" Rarity wondered, "Here you are in a strange land to learn about friendship, and you're both acting childish over something so trivial." she sighed.

"It is how we Saiyans behave." Vegeta revealed, "And I will be damned if Kakarot gets one step ahead of me again." he grunted under his brrath inaudibly.

Rarity sighed again, "If you are to be in Equestria, I refuse to have the two of you like such... barbarians. Perhaps a nice break from fighting will ease you, like right now." she suggested.

Goku smiled, "You're right. Do you have any food here? I can use a break." he laughed. Vegeta shook his head at his ally's quip and Rarity lowered her head in annoyance, choosing to remain as neutral as possible.

"So, what is this Gala anyway? Why should it matter if the two of us even attend?" Vegeta questioned.

Twilight decided to answer, "The Grand Galloping Gala is the biggest social event in Equestria. Ponies of high status as well as the Princesses will attend. She already mentioned that you two will be ambassadors representing your world as a step in extending friendship across different worlds."

Goku nodded, "That actually sounds pretty cool. The last formal event I went to was a tournament. I can only hope history doesn't repeat itself." he faced Vegeta, who nodded in agreement, choosing to remain silent on the matter.

"Speaking of the Gala..." a deep voice called out of nowhere. Appearing out of thin air was a bizarre bipedal creature that had various body parts of animals on him. A bear paw, talons, horns and other creatures. The Saiyans raised a brow at his sudden appearance as he wore a fancy top hat and monocle.

"Who the hell are you?" Vegeta asked in an annoyed tone.

The creature pointed at himself, "Oh dear. How rude of me. My name is Discord. Spirit of Chaos, at your service gents." he snapped his fingers, bringing into his hand two business cards, which he handed to Goku and Vegeta.

Twilight groaned, "Why are you here, Discord? What do you need?"

A halo appeared over Discord's head, "Why must you think there's a motif, dear Twilight?" the draconequss chuckled, patting the alicorn's head. "I cannot visit my dear friends and their new allies that are coming to the Grand Galloping Gala?"

"Because speaking from experience in knowing me. That's half the reason you show up." Twilight replied in a deadpan matter.

"Heh. You kinda remind me of Buu." Goku snickered.

Discord opened a book, "Never heard of him. But I think you and I will get along fine, Son Goku." he wrapped an arm around the Saiyan, who smiled nervously.

"How do you know our names?" Vegeta asked.

"Discord is... an odd one." Rarity revealed.

The draconequss snickered, "I know lots of things, Vegeta. As a master of disharmony it is my job to create just a little chaos. But enough about me, let's talk about me."

"Huh?" Goku blurted out.

Raising a talon, Discord put on a soldier hat and grabbed a staff in his free hand, now ready to speak, "The reason I am here is because my dear Fluttershy already has a plus one to the Gala and didn't invite me. Not like I'm jealous anyway. But I was hoping if any of you could maybe... Have me as a guest?" he smiled sheepishly.

"I knew it." Twilight huffed.

"Quite sorry, Discord. But a few of us already have plus ones." Rarity apologized.

Discord wrapped his arms around his Saiyans, "What about these two? Surely one of them's going alone?" he pulled out a camera and took a photo. The flash was on, blinding the warriors for a few seconds.

"No." Vegeta dismissed. "Get your arm off me." he saw Goku rub his eyes.

Twiight put a hoof to her head, "If it'll get you out of here, then sure."

Discord smirk, "I'll go with Vegeta!"

"What?! Are you mad?" Vegeta nearly screamed.

The Spirit of Chaos chuckled, "Oh lighten up, Vegeta. I swear you're as uptight as that other version I saw before."

"Other version?" Goku wondered.

Discord snapped his fingers and made a screen appear in midair. The group watched as Vegeta yell countless things to their friends back on Earth, seemingly from past adventures. As well as a few things from Goku.

"God damn it, Nappa."


"I did sit-ups, push-ups and drank plenty of juice!"

"Hey, best buddy!" Goku could be heard.

"Shut up idiot!"

The screen faded and Discord was left wiping a tear from his eye from laughing too hard. "Those versions of you two are a raging blast. It's strange hiw act so different."

"I-I do not act like... Him." Vegeta gasped.

Goku nudged his rival's elbow, "Pretty accurate if you ask me." that earned a punch to the stomach, "Ow..."

"If it'll get you to leave me alone, then you can be my guest, but please never bring that up again." Vegeta decided.

Discord nodded, rubbing Goku's hair, "And don't feel left out, Goku. I have another friend who can use your company. He has an appetite like you!"

"A-Alright. And hey, maybe you and I can see more of that! That was pretty fun!" Goku admitted with a snicker.

The draconequss laughed, "Maybe, but for now I must bid adieu!" and with that, Discord finally left.

"Thank Celestia," exhaled Twilight, "Hopefully that's it for today."

"He seems nice." Goku said.

Vegeta crossed his arms, "Maybe for you."

Nearby Canterlot

Starlight Glimmer slowly wandered through the forests. Her destination unknown. All she knew was that everything she had, was torn apart. All thanks to one princess and her friends.

"Twilight Sparkle..." Starlight growled.

I was because of her that her utopia was gone. The beginning of equality across Equestria. And now all that's gone. She was left with nothing, forced out of the town she ruled. The staff, gone. All she had was her magic and she wished to hone it to her advantage for when the time came. But she wished it could come sooner.

"They took it all away from me. If only I can get back at them..."

"Oh, is that a plea I hear?"

Appearing in front of Starlight was a blue woman with a staff in hand. She gave the unicorn a sinister smile. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Starlight Glimmer."

The unicorn gulped, "H-How do you know me? Please don't kill me..."

"Kill you? No... I have something better in mind. I am Towa, I come from a different world. Believe it or not, our motives have crossed." she raised her staff, bringing projections of two Saiyans she knew.

"Who are they? And what does this have to do with me?" Starlight asked.

Towa raised her head, "They are Goku and Vegeta. The reason I'm here is because they have befriended Princess Twilight Sparkle. These two Saiyans are powerful beyond your wildest imagination. That's why I have come. To give you the power necessary to destroy the Equestrians and hold off the Saiyans. They will be at the Grand Galloping Gala tomorrow in Canterlot. You have nothing, Starlight. Allow me to help you."

"I see... I-I agree to help you. Only to get my revenge on Twilight Sparkle." decided Starlight.

Smirking, Towa raised her staff, "Excellent choice." an aura of purple began to cover Starlight's entire body, her body glowed darker and her eyes flashed red before her pupils remained that color. "Now I must be on my way. Take the time to adjust to your new power." she said before vanishing.

Starlight chuckled deviously, hovering in the air without the need for magic, "Oh. I will."

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