• Published 18th Feb 2017
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Dragon Ball Super: Equestrian Chronicles - The Saiyan

Goku and Vegeta find themselves in Equestria in hopes of becoming stronger thanks to Whis. Can they learn the magic of friendship or will Vegeta go insane?

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The Royal Meeting! The Princesses Knew?!


Goku, Vegeta and the ponies walked through the large halls of the Royal Castle. "So you mean to tell me this city's on the side of a mountain? How does that work?" Goku asked curiously.

"It's always been like this, Goku." Twilight pointed out. "It's just something I've come to accept."

The Saiyan rubbed his head, "Well, I wouldn't know. Then again, my world is strange enough as it is."

Changing the subject, Vegeta asked, "Why does this princess want to see us? We have done nothing wrong. Other than Kakarot forgetting to pay for a simple treat."

Spike raised a brow, "Simple treat? You ordered three hundred cupcakes!"

The group made it to the doors of the throne room. Before they entered however, Twilight gave the Saiyans a warning. "Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are the highest rulers in Equestria. The two of you should be on your best behavior."

Goku raised his hands, "Alright, jeez." Vegeta merely gave a silent huff in response.

The doors opened, allowing the group to walk in. Sitting on adjacent thrones were Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, who stoically looked at the two Saiyans. The group stopped and the ponies and dragon bowed lightly.

"Yo, I'm Goku!" Goku greeted. This earned a kick to the shin from Twilight, who hissed.

"Be respectful..."

Goku and Vegeta shook their heads, "Oh, right." he bowed slightly as a formal gesture. "A pleasure to meet you, Princesses. I'm Goku and that's Vegeta," said Saiyan Prince remained standing still, his arms crossed and a frown on his face.

Princess Celestia giggled, "It is quite alright, my little ponies. The formalities are not needed today."

The Equestrians raised their heads. "So, why have you called on us, Celestia?" Vegeta asked.

Rarity nodded, "Yes. How do you know of these two already? We had only met mere moments before your guards arrived to bring us to Canterlot."

Celestia raised a brow, "Well, if you must know, I had assistance in arranging your arrival here, Goku and Vegeta. Thanks to an old friend, of course." she smiled softly.

"W-Wait... You mean you knew the two were coming?" Twilight questioned the older princess.

"Yes, Twilight Sparkle. We knew of their presence as soon as they arrived."

Vegeta scowled, "Whis."

Celestia chuckled, "Correct, Prince Vegeta. The angel Whis had wanted the two of you here not only to train physically, but in order to learn thr magic of friendship here in Equestria." she saw Vegeta shake his head and gag at the words, which she ignored for the sake of the conversation at hand.

"Hey, I have plenty of friends back home! Like Krillin, Tien, Master Roshi, Yamcha, Bulma..." Goku counted his fingers, naming each of his friends before Luna stopped him.

"I do believe my sister is teaching the two specifically of you to work better. I was in the conversation with Whis, and overheard how the two of you behave." the Moon Princess elaborated.

"Hold on... How do you two know of Whis? And do you know Lord Beerus?" Goku wondered.

Celestia looked at the small staff that was given to her, "Lord Beerus and Whis had arrived on our world sometime before... Before Luna became Nightmare Moon. He had come seeking delicious food. At the time, we were nervous of his power as a God of Destruction, but after he tried our food, he calmed down."

Luna grinned, "Ah yes, I do remember that. He was actually reserved if you didn't set off his temper. Luckily, Whis was there to keep him in check in case he overreacted to something. Lord Beerus was in the end, a friendly visitor of Equestria and had made good connections with us, and even left us with a staff to communicate with in the future."

"Time had passed and very recently had an idea popped into my head. With the arrival of Beerus came the knowledge of other worlds. It was at the time I called Whis, and he told me of his recent trip to Earth. To find the fabled Super Saiyan God Beerus had dreamed about, waking him from another nap."

"Super Saiyan God?" Fluttershy repeated. "These two are Saiyans... You mean..."

Celestia raised a hoof and continued speaking, "He discussed what had occurred. He told me of you, Son Goku." said Saiyan pointed a thumb at himself in confusion, "Yes. He said you were the fabled Super Saiyan God Beerus was searching for."

"Yeah... But it wasn't my power that stopped him. I had to gain such power from Vegeta and our sons." Goku sighed, the ponies getting wide-eyed at the revelation the two of them were fathers.

"Hold on... You're dads?" Rainbow asked.

"Yeah. Gohan and Goten are my sons. Trunks is Vegeta's. We combined our power along with Gohan's wife, who was about to have a child, in order for me to complete a ritual and allowed me to transform into a Super Saiyan God. Vegeta's almost there in gaining the power himself." boasted the orange-clad Saiyan.

Vegeta smirked, "You sound surprised. For once, I will surpass you in power." he clenched his fist. "The training we have undergone is working in my favor."

Celestia cleared her throat, "Anyway, Beerus saw the potential in you. After the two of you underwent training from Whis to hone the powers of this Super Saiyan God form, he came to me about my proposition. I wanted to establish connections with other worlds as a gesture of friendship and decided the two of you would make great ambassadors of Earth."

The Saiyan Prince turned his head, "So, he had all this planned from the start. He's more clever than I give him credit."

"So that's why the two of them are here?" Rainbow asked. "To be ambassadors?"

"Yes, Rainbow Dash." Luna answered, "But I have heard of how the two of you are. In exchange for aiding us, we will permit the two of you to train. The only time we will call for you is for the Gala or a threat catches us off guard."

"Awesome!" Goku cheered.

"Just don't get in our way." Vegeta groaned.

Pinkie raised a hoof, "Is this a paying job?"

"And why does thou ask, Pinkie?" Luna wondered.

"Because these two bought three-hundred cupcakes and have no way of paying for it." Goku chuckled sheepishly and Vegeta rolled his eyes at his rival, annoyed.

"We will pay for the bill, Pinkie Pie." Celestia agreed, "Whis also told me of your appetite and will request more food for the Gala when the time comes."

Goku grinned, "Heh heh. Yeah sorry, it just sorta happens."

"There is no need to apologize, Son Goku... But there is something I am interested in before you leave." Celestia said.

Goku put his hands on his hips, "What is it?"

"I think I wish to see the two of you in action. We were told of how strong you two are, but I want to see it for myself." the Sun Princess offered.

"A fight? Are you sure that's alright?" Twilight wondered. "You said they were practically gods!"

Vegeta faced the purple alicorn, "Kakarot and I spar all the time." he faced the Royal Sisters, "Very well. I will accept this. Only to prove myself against Kakarot."

"Hey, don't I get a say in this, Vegeta? You know I want to fight!" Goku whined. "It's time to put all that training to the test!"

Vegeta scowled, "It's time I showed you how strong I've become."

"Oh dear..." Rarity gulped.

Celestia and Luna stood up, "Very well, Saiyans. We will take you to the arena."

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