• Published 18th Feb 2017
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Dragon Ball Super: Equestrian Chronicles - The Saiyan

Goku and Vegeta find themselves in Equestria in hopes of becoming stronger thanks to Whis. Can they learn the magic of friendship or will Vegeta go insane?

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Some New Friends! Saiyans and Ponies!

Goku munched on another cupcake, his cheeks filled with them. Vegeta's face mirrored his as they devoured the treats atop the tray. The Saiyans chewed loudly and a little obnoxiously, but to them, it didn't matter and probably never will.

"Hey... Vegeta..." muttered Goku, his mouth, "I'm winning."

Vegeta chowed down, "Yeah... Right... I've eaten more..." he gulped a cupcake without swallowing,

"Nah." Goku said with a swift shake of his head. "How many more are there anyway?"

"One-hundred ninty-seven!" answered Pinkie, appearing behind Goku, making him jump in surprise.

"Woah... Do you know Instant Transmission too?" the Saiyan asked curiously.

Pinkie blinked, "Insta-wha now?"

Vegeta crossed his arms, "How are you able to do such trickery mare?" he asked.

Shrugging, Pinkie answered, "I dunno!"

"Wonderful. Not only are we stuck in a world of colorful ponies, but now they live off logic that makes no sense!" huffed Vegeta, reaching for yet another sweet treat before his rival could finish devouring them all in that time.

Pinkie put her hooves on the table, "So... How are you going to pay for all these? Nopony has ever bought so many cupcakes!" she wondered aloud to the duo.

Putting his hand in his gi, Goku spoke, "I think I should have some money from when I was farmin'." he put some coins on the table, plenty to pay for the food. "Here you go!"

The pink mare looked at the coins, "I have no idea what those are!" she said gleefully.

"Those are Zeni! The money from our world." Goku explained.

"But we use bits here."

"Kakarot..." Vegeta sighed, "You mean to tell me we bought food on another planet and you did not once think about the planetary currency?" he asked.

Rubbing his neck, Goku replied, "Uh... Yes?"

"Good." then Vegeta landed a punch to Goku's face, surprising the Saiyan and Pinkie.

"Ow..." whined the orange-clad Saiyan, holding his nose, "What'd ya do that for, Vegeta?"

"Yeah! That wasn't very nice!" Pinkie growled.

With a grunt, Vegeta replied, "He deserved it. Simple as that." a thin smirk was seen on his face. "Now, is there anyway we are able to pay for these... surprisingly delicious snacks?" he questioned, putting a hand on the table and then grabbing another cupcake from the pile, swallowing it whole.

"Hey! That was mine." Goku grunted.

Pinkie put a hoof to her chin, "Well... I dunno. We're okay here at the shop. Maybe one of my friends can help. I think you should meet them soon."

"And why is that?" Goku asked.

"One of them's a princess, but she doesn't like to reference the fact often, so you didn't hear that from me." the pink mare whispered the last part to the warriors, who nodded.

Vegeta hummed, "Royalty. And one who is not prideful in their title. Perhaps it'd be a wise decision, Kakarot. If we were to ally with a princess, we'd be better off here while not making more enemies than usual."

"Yeah, I'd like to meet your friends, Pinkie." Goku admitted with a huge grin.

The Saiyan prince groaned, "We are not here to make friends, Kakarot. We are here to train and nothing more!"

"But Vegeta... I think this is what Whis wanted us to do. Remember what he said?" the Saiyan reminded his ally, "He wanted us to better ourselves here. I think that includes befriending the ponies here. Maybe they can teach us something that we never figured out." he added.

"...Fine." Vegeta huffed out after a small pause, "After I best you in eating this, we will go. Then, we'll worry about payment for this amount of food."

"Alright." said the other Saiyan and pony.

"I can't believe it was a tie..." Vegeta groaned.

"Hey, I'm surprised we somehow managed to eat a hundred and fifty of those." Goku commented. The warriors and Pinkie were wandering through Ponyville to wherever her friends were at. "Still, the two of us hadn't done anything like that since before Beerus showed up. It's nice to have some downtime, I'll admit."

"So, what are you two anyway? Aliens?" Pinkie asked, butting into the conversation. She hopped with each step Goku and Vegeta took, the two of choosing to reserve ki for later.

"If you must know, mare. We are Saiyans. Perhaps it would be better if we exchanged formalities once we meet these friends of yours." decided Vegeta. 'I can't believe I'm explaining myself to a damn talking pink horse. The gods must be taking pleasure in my bizarre torture. I'm not sure how Kakarot is able to be okay with this.'

Goku, Vegeta, and Pinkie finally arrived to where she wanted to go. It was a castle that towered the three of them, shining and appearing to be made of crystal. "Huh. That's actually a bigger building than I thought. This is where you wanted to go, Pinkie?" Goku wondered, rubbing the back of his head.

"Uh-huh! This is the castle!" Pinkie Pie replied.

"This...?" Vegeta asked, holding back a chuckle, "This is a castle? It looks like an enlarged toy set."

"Well, that's rude, Vegeta," Goku sighed, "I think it looks alright."

"Yeah!" agreed Pinkie, "How about I knock for you?"

"Hmph. Pleasure's all yours, pink mare." Vegeta replied.

And so, Pinkie trotted to the large door and knocked on it three times. The three waited for only a moment. The sound of creaking got their attention. The door slowly opened up, and the Saiyans could see an empty long hallway through what they could see as the door opened. Greeting them was a small purple lizard creature, "Pinkie? Where in Equestria did you go...?" he asked, his eyes gazing at the bipedals strangers, "And who's standing behind you?"

"Oh! Spike, meet Goku and Vegeta!" introduced Pinkie.

"Hey!" Goku greeted.

The dragon, Spike, raised a brow, "Uh, okay. Come on in, I guess. If Pinkie trusts you..." he muttered.

"Hmph. Nerve of you, dragon." Vegeta grumbled.

Goku and Vegeta stepped inside, following Pinkie and Spike. "Woah. This place is way bigger on the inside." commented Goku, looking upward. "How do you know your way around?"

"It took a long while to remember." said Spike, "Anyway, how did you two end up here? I thought you only existed in that mirror world Twilight and I were in."

"Mirror world?" Vegeta world, "Is this a storybook as well? If you truly wish to know, we are warriors from Earth. Sent here for some strange reason."

The four entered another door, opening it to reveal five mares sitting on giant chairs around a circular table. "Hi, girls! I'm baaacck!" sang Pinkie.

Rainbow Dash flew down to the pink mare, "Where the heck did you go, Pinkie? You just sorta up and vanished without even a trace. How did you even do that?"

Pinkie inhaled, "Remember that super-doozy I had?" at her friends' nods, she continued, "Well, I went to Sugarcube Corner, met these two strange people who ordered three-hundred cupcakes and now they need a way to pay for that! And I wanted to see if any of you could help!"

Twilight raised a brow, "Pinkie, what are you talking about? What strangers?"


It was at that moment, Goku and Vegeta walked in with Spike. "Nice to meet you! I'm Goku. And that's Vegeta." Goku introduced the two of them, getting a wide-eyed glance from the ponies. Vegeta crossed his arms in silence. The orange-clad Saiyan put his hands on his hips. "You're all Pinkie's friends, right?"

"Uh..." Twilight studdered, unable to process words.

"I wasn't expectin' this..." Applejack muttered, "Um... Name's Applejack."

Rarity looked at the Saiyans, "I'm Rarity, and I must compliment the gi you're wearing, Goku. And your grey armor as well, Vegeta."


'Satisfaction from a unicorn...' thought Vegeta in his head, 'Damn Whis...'

Rainbow Dash sighed, "You make the strangest friends, Pinkie. I'm Rainbow Dash, fastest flyer in all of Equestria and now Wonderbolt!" she boasted, patting a hoof on her chest.

"I-I'm Fluttershy..." whimpered the yellow pegasus.

"A-And I'm Twilight Sparkle." the alicorn managed to say, "It's a pleasure to have you here, I guess. But why are you here exactly?"

"Yeah, about that..." Goku chuckled, "We're here to train."

"Train?" Rainbow repeated. "Train for what?"

"To become the strongest!" replied Goku with a raised fist.

"Kakarot and I were brought here to hone our abilities. We're Saiyans. A race of warriors, of which I'm the prince."

Spike looked at the Saiyan prince, "You're a prince? Funny, Twilight's a princess!"

Twilight gritted her teeth, "Spike."

Vegeta crossed his arms, "So, you're the humble princess. I'll admit, it's not everyday I meet royalty. Take pleasure in that title and the subjects you rule over."

"And why should I?" Twilight asked.

Goku frowned, "We're, uh... We're the last Saiyans..."

"The last?" Rarity gasped, "That's terrible! How did that happen?"

"It's because--"

A loud knock broke Goku out of the story, prompting Twilight to flap her wings. "I'll get it." she went through the hallways and arrived at the door. She opened it to see two Royal Guards.

"Good morning, Princess Twilight. We've come with news from Princess Celestia herself." one of the guards explained.

"What kind of news?"

The princess was handed over a piece of paper, with crude drawings of the two Saiyans she just met, "We heard reports that two strange creatures were here, do you know what we're talking about?"

With a quiet gulp, Twilight responded, "A-Are they bad?"

The guards shook their heads, "Oh no, they haven't done anything. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna only wishes to see them. For what reason, we're not sure. She said it was private. And for you and your friends to come as well."

"O-Okay. Girls, Spike!" she called out.

"Is everything alright, Twi?" Rainbow asked, bolting ahead in midair.

"Yeah, we have to got to Canterlot." Twilight explained.

"Why?" Spike asked.

"Goku! Vegeta!" Twilight called out again.

The two Saiyans slowly walked out, "Why are you being so loud?!" Vegeta grunted, "We're not that far away!"

The guards got a closer look at the warriors, "Oh, who are they?" Goku asked.

"W-We're your escort. Sent by Princess Celestia. Do not worry, you are in no trouble." the guards assured.

"Another princess? Pheh. Let's get this over with." Vegeta grunted.

Goku nodded, "More royalty? How did she know about us? We just got here!"

"That's why we're coming." Twilight said, "I'm sure Princess Celestia will explain."

"She better!" Vegeta yelled.

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