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Yes and no. I would have to see the lay out for the character first and have a basic personality to use for them. I also can't promise that the character will remain unchanged to fit the story. But if you have an OC that is not displaced and is of one of the races from the series (or some other animal or mythological being) I can most likely fit it in somewhere.

Aside from that, powers would be limited to the same amount currently available to Olin and of equal-ish power.

If you do have a displaced I still might use it as the owner of one of the hundreds of tokens that were mentioned in the story. I already have my main big bad set up, but if you want to be a bad guy you can be one of the side bosses or be in a chapter that takes place before the awakening as one of the accidental/purposeful summoning's that destroyed the town.

PM me the character so I can look at it if you like the idea. I am not going to make any promises though.

Are you accepting characters for your Power Lottery story?
If yes, how many powers can a character get? Cause one of my powers lets me evolve and develops new or improved powers. My character can be the bad guy.

Thanks for the favorite.

~Devils Advocate

Thanks for the favorite.

  • Viewing 29 - 33 of 33
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