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Hello everyone! I know I haven't been active for a very long time, but I am hoping to change that. I'm a fan of all things Nintendo, Sonic, I love Gaming, Movies, and TV Shows.


After going into a convention and buying a item from a mysterious merchant, a human suddenly finds himself transformed into his favorite videogame character.... only he was transformed into the baby version of him.....and inside a egg...
After being transformed into a egg, he finds himself in a new world, where one of the rulers of the new world finds and adopts him. Years later while working on a new spell that could revolutionize the world, he makes a miscalculation and sends himself 1000 years into the future. Now he must adapt in a new environment with his adoptive mother who refuses to leave his side, his magic teacher who acts just like his grandmother, a small baby dragon who thinks he's cool, and a purple pony who keeps pestering him...... Who knows how long he'll last before he finally gives up.

Featured in 11/9/15. Thanks for all of the support! You guys are great!
Special thanks to:
Warmaster Ahriman!
Northern Desert!
Regreme for all the help and ideas and let's not forget my buddy m2pt5 for editing this!
Warnings: Displaced story

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Cool story i cant wait for the nect chapter!

Hmmm, I'm going to keep my eye on this and give this a tentative like, purely because I like Bowser. Hopefully it'll go somewhere good.


Needs a tiny bit of polishing, and you ought to skip details on things readers should already be thoroughly familiar with (such as the Twilight vs Tirek fight), but overall, I like it. Totally giving you a story sub for this.

Doing well! I like the story so far. Keep up the good work!:twilightsmile:

I'm happy to see a Mario displaced finally.

It's going to be an awkard moment when he meets Celestia and Luna again.:rainbowkiss:

You know every time Kammy uses that spell I always expect her to quote Rita from Power Rangers.

> complementing defeat?”

I think you meant 'contemplating'.

I normaly wait a couple of chapter before giving a thumbs up, but your story earned one before the middle point of this chapter. :pinkiehappy:
Loved the story-time style intro, very good work. :raritystarry:

Bowser as a hero... in Equestria?

Lets see ware this goes.

I can tell this is gonna be a great story. Can't wait for more.

oh COME ONE! why did the chapter end like that :pinkiesad2: good work btw man!

Never was that big of a fan of the Mario series but this is quite an interesting beginning to a hopefully equally interesting story. *Favs*:twilightsmile:

I am eagerly awaiting more. Have a mustache :moustache:

Great story so far.
Good job and keep up the great work.

you should make a love intrest for kappy

6618871 Thanks! Couldn't have done it without your guy's support

6617789 Luna! Discord has escaped! We need to recruit six mares with attitude!

Intriguing... I'll await more chapters with bated breath, for now.

I was literally thinking of writing one of these stories with bowswer as the protagonist, now I can't XD

I normally don't like the "displaced" fics, but as long as there isn't a random and obscure character showing up out of nowhere, I'm fine.:twilightsmile:
For now, this story shall be watched.*

*Only if you agree to our legally binding contract.


As long as there will be no crossovers I will come back and try reading this after a few chapters, I do this for every "Displaced" fic that looks interesting to me.

I do the same, make sure it's only the characters I want, and then read. This one is going well so far.

A displaced villain fic that wasn't written by LordSiravant? Color me surprised!

Looking good. Well guys its


This has... potential. :ajsmug: Tracking this.

Hmm, an interesting prospect. I shall keep an eye on this

Bowser… The Koopa Prince…

Interessting, but it would have been fun to see Baby Bowser or how he is really called in his younger years.

“Aw come on Starswirl! Not you-!!! TOOOO!!!!!!!”

Starswirls....my worst enemy...maybe not always but still...

Very nice, I really like this story, I just hope this one does get´s his updates too, the other one I know seems to take his sweet time, but the other one is with the original Bowser. I hope the next chapter isn´t only a Flashback with that convention, or maybe he even has a unique way, how he ended up in this world. After a while it get´s boring to read about the merchant, or at least the convention.

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Gonna read this

1.Please hurry I want to know what happens next.
2.Is Mario in the story?

“You’re wrong, Tirek!” Twilight countered, flying high with the rest of the elements, “I may have given you my alicorn magic, but I carry within me the most powerful magic of all!


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