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Hello everyone! I know I haven't been active for a very long time, but I am hoping to change that. I'm a fan of all things Nintendo, Sonic, I love Gaming, Movies, and TV Shows.


After discovering a island that had strangely appeared in the middle of the ocean, Celestia sends a research team to explore the island. Unfortunately, after a week in the island the research team had suddenly disappeared. Worried for their sudden disappearance, Celestia sends the Mane 6 and a team of her best guards to investigate.

On the same island, two humans cosplaying as two characters from the Pikmin series, find themselves lost in a mysterious island filled with nocturnal predators and a few explorer ponies. Now they must work together if they wish to survive.

Warning this is a Pikmin Displaced fic
Co-written with Ditman25
And a special thanks to m2pt5 for editing this!

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Now you have got my interests. Keep it up man!

Okay, I can see where this is going, and I like it. MORE!

^Best I could find XD Awesome chapter only error I found was you spelled "licked" as "liked"

6492761 Thanks for pointing that out, I'll pm Dark so that can get fixed.

Always a bit hard to judge some of these 'survivalist' themes in the beginning, hope it does well.

Lets see how things go...

‘A pony foal,

"I dont think that is sceintific just saying that if he is almost a brony



6515605 Your prays have been answered! I give you more!!!

Rather disappointed with the ending there, or, did Alex just have such a crummy life that he'd run from every last vestige of his former life if given the chance?

Will the other ponies get to use pikmen too?

6571808 There are ponies who will use Pikmin (ony around two or three, one of them being Sweetie,Belle, due to her high pitched voice being like a whistle), but the majority will not

winged pikmin eh? i wonder if they are strong enough to carry scootaloo? she could fly with them...

Darn, I was hoping other Displaced fics wouldn't be mentioned here.

Still a great story nonetheless.

I'm assuming that I missed the deadline for those OC entries.

6622860 Well we only have a few entries.... so if you want to enter a OC you still can, high chance we'll accept it since we have only a few

How big are they exactly? compared to Lyra? It sounds like they are big enough for her to trip over them.

I´m honest with you, I´m a bit unpatient with some of the storys that are like that, and I didn´t really liked to read another convention chapter, but at least it was a short part where they got displaced.

So you fused your fanfiction with another one? Or did you just used his character? However please don´t let it be more than one other main char.
Again I´m not sure how big they are.

My name is Samus Aran. And I am the Hunter.”

to be honest i forgot this was a displaced fanfiction, and at first I didn´t liked the idea of the mix, but as long as it isn´t to much I don´t mind.

“I suggest you find your snack elsewhere. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be burned.” Sam suggested, pointing the arm cannon at the Dwarf Bulborb.

Again I got confused about how big they are, and I thought I finally had it.

“It also made games like Mario and Pokemon.”

yeah I think they don´t know those either.

I skipped the diary part, mostly because I had no time right now, but it wasn´t bad, however I wished the prologue wasn´t that long.

6819612 Sorry I wasn't able to answer your question earlier, but the pikmin are around the same size of a foal. Also concerning, the two main characters, this story is co-written with Ditman25, we both write this story, Alph is his character, and Olimar is mine.

6820923 Olimar and Alph are bigger? I think I just take a look at the game, thank you for telling me, I should be able to find out the rest now.

I know that´kind of the point of Pikmin Games, but I would prefer it, if they don´t exactly try to just get home in this story.
I hope they somehow have to stay there, I always prefer that if its a Crossover, or a story.
Like I prefer it if my character in a Game doesn´t have to die. Everyone can tell me I have done something good in the game, but it wouldn´t matter to me, since I´mm still dead there. (I had to think about Mass Effect, because of a conversation I and a friend had.)

I hope to keep it sort of realistic the story doesn´t suddenly get´s more, and more Ponys from out of nowhere, I would prefer it if it would be only the main six, and the Ponys that came with them. Not the main six, the ponys that came with them, and those that weren´t mentioned.

However it looked like that Icicle Chill was there, and then not.

Yay! I'm so happy you guys used him! Thank you so much!

*sighs* "Why can't there be any actual crossovers of the Pikmin series?"

6572190 Something tells me that Fluttershy will be one of them.

I would like to have a new chapter please.

I just got around to reading this and finished it and I'm glad and sad at the same time

I'm glad because its a great story so far

and I'm sad because there's not more to it currently :scootangel:

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