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A Torn-Up Note

We were wrong about it all. The end is never the end and they showed us that.


A hole that led from one world to another... A soul that's stronger than that of the Princess... A terrible fate that transforms one... A monster that threatens the balance of this world with one long forgotten name... G@ST3R... Can the Elements of Harmony stop this threat from destroying the fabric of their reality with the help of two 'Punny' skeletons, or will the world be lost in the darkness that ate at the very soul of a fallen friend?

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Ooh, Undertale! :pinkiehappy:

Good start, although I suggest you break up with paragraphs with a space.

I also noticed that you keep switching between present and past tense. That can make it very awkward for the reader. It will help if you get an editor.

Congrats on your first story!:heart:

awsome undertale fic cant wait to see more :twilightsmile:

using gasters door as the portal interesting

smiling bigger than Sans

how sans takes up almost all of his lower face

✋ ????✌☠ ⚐☠☹✡ ????????☜✌???? ✋☠ ????✋☠☝????✋☠☝???? ☟☜☹????✏

✋ ????✌☠ ⚐☠☹✡ ????????☜✌???? ✋☠ ????✋☠☝????✋☠☝???? ☟☜☹????✏

????☜????✌????????☜ ✋ ☹✋????☜ ????✋???? ✞✋????

can't decipher too many question marks being on a mobile phone is really stupid sometimes

Just how many AU's are we looking at here? We already got Classic Sans and Papyrus, Gaster called on UnderFell Sans, and now we have Error Sans.

Before I read this, what is the Dark tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?

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